Why vCloud Tech?Native backup Recovery, DR designed to increase security and save money

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a cloud-based platform that allows you to develop and deploy applications. However, as stated in the AWS Shared Responsibility Mode, you are responsible for safeguarding and safeguarding your data.

 Veeam provides native automatized AWS backup and disaster recovery solutions to protect your data and control and manages the AWS data. Veeam Backup for AWS also works with other Veeam cloud backup services, providing operational consistency across your multi-cloud environment.

With the help of Veeam’s strong capabilities, you can easily manage, protect, and have control over your AWS data:

  • Cloud-native:¬†Veeam Backup and recovery¬†is agentless and specifically designed to work with Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, Amazon RDS, and Amazon EFS.
  • App consistency¬†Take all application running data to ensure zero loss of data backups and recoveries.
  • Back up for Amazon S3:¬†Automatically back up your data to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to prevent costly retention of snapshots.
  • Security:¬†Encrypt backups and easily control access using AWS KMS to protect backups from internal and external threats.
  • Automated by policy:¬†Fully customizable policies automate backups, snapshots, and data lifecycle management.
  • Recover in a matter of seconds:¬†Recover quickly from volumes, entire instances, databases, and file systems to individual files.
  • Management unification:¬†An all-in-one platform that manages AWS backups and other physical, cloud, virtual, SaaS and Kubernetes environments.
  • Archive for Amazon S3 Glacier:¬†Lifecycle information to Amazon S3 Glacier along with S3 Glacier Deep Archive to ensure preservation and compliance.
  • Amazon VPC Backup:¬†Save and restore all VPC settings to help with troubleshooting, development, and testing, and for DR.
  • Cost calculation for backups:¬†Industry-first backup cost calculation forecasts expenditure and reduces unexpected expenses.
  • It’s set and forgotten: It is automating policies for native snapshots.
  • Backup with the lowest cost:¬†You can drastically reduce the amount you pay for¬†AWS backup services¬†
  • One Platform:¬†Manage AWS backups centrally with other environments
  • Flexible and fast recoveries:¬†Achieve near-zero RTOs using fast wizard-driven recovery processes.
  • More security and conformity:¬†Protect your data and ensure you meet AWS security best practices for security
  • Cloud Mobility:¬†Backup, recover and move to ANY environment
  • Data transferability:¬†Easily move data across any supported environment to support DR, lifting and shifting, and dev/test. No Veeam cost.
  • Cross-account/regional backup:¬†Isolate backups from production to guard against cyber-attacks and ransomware.

Data backup Secure, fast backup for all your information:

  • Automate¬†Veeam cloud data Backup¬†of workloads and discover between cloud physical, virtual, and NAS.
  • Fast image-based backups take advantage of VMs and OS and hardware snapshots.
  • 100% software-defined and hardware-agnostic solutions that offer the ultimate flexibility.

Cloud-ready: Increase cloud adoption and reduce costs

  • Centralized AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud-native Backup and recovery.
  • Policies-based tiering of backup data archives and backup data over a class of object storage.
  • AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS), Azure Key Vault with immutability, and more help keep ransomware at bay.

Recovery of data: Lightning-fast, reliable recovery in any situation

  • Reach your service level agreement (SLAs) by restoring your data with confidence from the original pioneers in instant restoration.
  • Recovering full- or individual-level OSes applications, databases, Files, VMs, and OSes objects folders and shares.
  • Recover across multiple cloud providers and platforms using an accessible data format.

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It is simple to consolidate and manage the data backups across AWS services in the cloud and on-premises with AWS Backup, a fully managed backup solution.

 Recovery points are a broad term for various backups of AWS services. For example, Amazon EBS snapshots and DynamoDB backups. The terms recovery point and backup are used interchangeably. AWS Backup stores your recovery points in backup vaults that you can organize based on your business needs.

Data protection for all AWS services and hybrid applications is centralized and automated via the fully managed service known as AWS Backup. In addition, it offers fundamental data security capabilities, ransomware decryption tools, compliance analysis and insights for privacy operations.

Common backup use cases
Hybrid cloud backup. With cloud connectors and gateways, you can start continuous data protection by backing up your on-premises data to the AWS cloud.
tape replacement
Database backup

AWS snapshots are just point-in-time copies of Amazon EBS volumes with limited storage and recovery options. On the other hand, a backup is a more comprehensive and flexible copy of a VM, providing reliable protection and ensuring fast and consistent recovery.

For S3, you can create continuous backups, restore application data stored in S3, and restore backups to a point in time with one click.