Why vCloud Tech?Cloud Storage backups that are secure offsite for reliable data protection as well as disaster recovery

Acronis Cloud Storage is a service that lets you back up your information in Acronis Cloud Storage. For this service to be used, it is necessary to purchase an annual subscription that will determine what amount of space you can reserve for backups (storage quota) and the length of time it will remain in use. Cloud Storage is a simple cloud subscription that transforms Acronis into a robust hybrid backup system so that you can quickly install secure on-site and scalable offsite backups for every device or workload Рanytime, anywhere. 

Get complete control over your data Cloud storage:

Acronis Cloud Storage is fully integrated with¬†Acronis Backup, providing easy hybrid cloud backups of the information and systems you require for a catastrophe’s eventuality. Acronis Backup can copy backups across up to five locations, both locally and within local storage and in the Acronis Cloud. You can copy backup data across different storage locations and also automatically transfer backup data to new storage locations, in line with the retention policy you have set. You can easily backup your partitions, disks, and even files

  • The backups will be stored in secure remote data centres using Acronis’s trusted and proven software-defined storage
  • You can quickly recover deleted applications, folders, files, or the entire system.
  • Secure your entire:

     Hybrid infrastructure easily using an easy-to-use web-based console that manages the Backup and recovery of the whole tasks and information.
  • Enhance compliance:

     And confirm the credibility of recovery using Acronis Notary, which assures the integrity and authenticity of your backups and data that use blockchain, which includes those stored within the Acronis Cloud.


  • Rely on the proven universal hybrid data:

     Cloud Storage solution used by more than 500,000 companies and protecting over 5,000 petabytes of data.
  • Stop ransomware attacks:

     Using Acronis Active Protection, which prevents and blocks any unauthorized encryption of backups and files.


  • You have complete control:

  Over the whereabouts of your systems, data, and backups, enhance compliance with regulatory requirements and assure the security of your data.

  • The Trust of Customers:¬†As per customer feedback, Acronis can be trusted because it is simple, rapid, and reliable.
  • Unrivalled Experience¬†Acronis has been providing Backup and recovery simple for customers since 2003.


  • Easy to purchase:¬†Acronis can easily buy through any channel to satisfy your business requirements.
  • Solutions Flexibility¬†Acronis provides flexibility, scalability, and adaptability for your company.


  • Security and Safety:¬†Acronis employs top-notch technology to ensure your data is secure, safe, and private.
  • Complete Data Protection:¬†Acronis safeguards all information, system, or application from any environment at any time.


  • Cloud Advantage:¬†Acronis lets users select the cloud based on your company’s needs.
  • Complete control over your data:¬†Cloud storage services¬†provide the best cost-effective and flexible method of backing up important files and software. Acronis’ solutions will ensure full coverage and security over the data you store.
  • Complete Coverage:¬†Back up everything, such as partitions, disks, folders, and files¬†
  • Control flexibility:¬†Choose full image backups, differential or incremental backups, or any combination.
  • Redundant backups:¬†Experience more reliability than traditional RAID enclosures
  • Hybrid Cloud Architecture:¬†Manage all forms of data protection in one workflow

Installs quickly: 

  • Just sign up for a subscription.
  • Choose how much cloud storage you require.
  • Begin backups to our safe local data centres using Acronis.

It’s as simple as that.

Helps with the Strategy

The gold standard for the protection of data is the 3-2-1 approach. The addition of Acronis Cloud Storage Server lets you back up locally and transfer to the cloud simply while making your recovery more resilient to disasters.

Eliminates tape failures

What are you doing to protect your business when 75% of small and medium-sized businesses that use tape backups experience tape failure annually (Redmond magazine)? Choose reliable, offsite, cloud backup instead.

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Acronis Cloud Storage is a simple cloud subscription that turns Acronis into a powerful hybrid backup solution. So, you can implement secure onsite backups and scalable offsite backups anywhere, anytime, for any workload or system.

It saves time and prevents customer data loss. The most secure cloud backup is available. Acronis offers a unique approach by combining cloud backup with cyber protection features such as antimalware and antivirus to help protect customer data.

Cloud backup is a service that backs up data and applications on corporate servers and stores them on remote servers. Businesses choose cloud backup to keep their files and data readily available in case of a system failure, outage, or natural disaster.


Cloud backup is tools that protect your data, files, and systems from catastrophic events such as ransomware or theft. Cloud storage refers to tools that help free up space on your device by storing copies of some files in the cloud.


Yes. Advanced Backup Pack is available to Managed Service Partners using Acronis Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčProtect Cloud. Advanced backup packages enable service providers to extend the cloud backup capabilities their customers need to proactively protect their data, including continuous data protection, advanced backup support, and one-click restore.¬†

Overall, cloud backups are better for disaster recovery than local backups can provide. Cloud backup is also a great option when multiple people need to back up the duplicate files and access them from different locations, which is why it is often the choice of large businesses.