Why vCloud Tech?Single Backup, Recovery, And Data Security Solution For All Your Workloads, Both On-Premises And In The Cloud

As the foundation of the Veeam Platform, Veeam Backup & Replication delivers simple, flexible, reliable, and robust data protection. Eliminate downtime with instant recovery and stay safe from cyber threats with native immutability and tested backups from one software-defined, hardware agnostic solution. Veeam Backup & Replication™, the foundation of the Veeam Platform, is the single backup, recovery, and data management solution for all your cloud, virtual and physical workloads.

The Veeam Backup & Replication is a must-have, free solution that includes host-based backup and replication for VMware, Hyper-V, and AHV, as well as an agent-based backup solution for Windows and Linux workstations and servers, whether they are physical machines or in the cloud. It has a vast feature set and is far more potent than its predecessor or any other free Disaster Recovery Software on the market. It’s even more powerful than several other providers’ premium backup solutions. It is a gift from us to you, and no conditions are attached. You can use them for whatever purpose you desire, whether for your home lab or your critical line of business applications in case of IT budget constraints.

  • Protect Everything: Back up your data across cloud, virtual, physical, and NAS.


  • Built for Speed: Fast image-based backups of VM, hardware, and OS snapshots.


  • Modular and Cloud-Native: Integrate seamlessly with native environments.


  • Freedom of Choice: Infrastructure-agnostic, DIY or as‑a‑Service.


  • Scale-out With Ease: Combine any storage into one infinitely scalable repository.


  • Business Intelligence: Accelerate data mining, classification, forensics, and security analysis.

Data backup:

It provides a fast, secure backup for all your data. Automate workload backup and discovery across cloud, virtual, physical, and NAS.

  • Fast image-based backups take advantage of VMs, hardware, and OS snapshots.
  • 100% software-defined and hardware–agnostic solutions for ultimate flexibility.


Data Recovery:

It is lightning-fast, proven recovery for any scenario. Achieve your service level agreements (SLAs) with reliable restores from the pioneer of instant recovery.

  • Full or item-level recovery of OSes, applications, databases, VMs, files, folders, objects, and shares.
  • Recover across multiple clouds and platforms with a portable data format.



Accelerate cloud adoption while reducing cost with centralized AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud-native backup and recovery.

  • Policy-based tiering of backup and archive data across object storage classes.
  • AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS), Azure Key Vault, immutability, and more keeps ransomware out.


Data Security:

Protect against ransomware and cyber threats with end-to-end immutability from the data center to the cloud for your backup data.

  • Create malware-free backups thanks to automatic scans with trusted malware detection.
  • Recover faster than paying a ransom and decrypting your data.
  • Significant Benefits For No Cost:

The ability to schedule backups without using a PowerShell script is a fantastic feature missing from the previous free offering. Users may now plan their jobs to execute automatically based on a predetermined schedule using the wizard.


  • Application Awareness:

Another significant Veeam feature included is application awareness, an essential technology for reliable backup enterprise applications. An application-aware backup ensures that your data is consistent and takes application-specific procedures during the backup process to ensure that the entire computer restore follows the program vendor’s instructions. Veeam Explorers for Microsoft applications (Active Directory, Exchange, SQL Server, and SharePoint) also allow users to rapidly locate and recover particular program components, avoiding the need to restore the complete machine image to the most recent restoration point.


  • Monitoring Veeam Backup & Replication:

Our Protected VMs report from the Veeam Backup & Replication report bundle can help you figure out which VMs are protected and which aren’t. This report not only lists all VMs with backups within a particular recovery point objective (RPO) but also displays which VMs do not have Data Backups Solutions. You can even look into why some VMs aren’t protected. For example, if you provisioned a new VM but failed to include it in the backup process, Veeam ONE will detect this and notify you via the Protected VMs report.

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