Why vCloud Tech?Manage VM and Container-Based Workloads with a Hybrid Cloud Platform Built on Full-Stack Technology

VMware Cloud Foundation makes it simple to create and manage a hybrid cloud. VMware Cloud Foundation offers integrated cloud infrastructure (compute storage, networking, and security) and cloud management services. This platform automates creating and managing a complete software-defined data center (SDDC) based on a standard hyper-converged architecture.

It can be used on premises with a wide range of supported hardware or as a public cloud service (VMware Cloud on AWS and a VMware Cloud Provider). The integrated cloud management capabilities create a hybrid cloud platform in public and private environments. It offers a consistent operational model based upon VMware vSphere tools, processes, and the freedom to run applications anywhere without having to rewrite them. Integrated Stack is an engineered solution that integrates all of VMware’s software-defined stack. It guarantees interoperability and frees organizations from dealing with complicated interoperability matrixes.

  • Standardized Architecture: Automatically deploys hyper-converged architecture based on VMware Validated Design. It ensures repeatable deployments and eliminates the risk of misconfiguration.


  • Automated Lifecycle Management (ALM): Provides unique services to automate day 0 through day 2, including deployment, configuration, and provisioning on-demand of cloud infrastructure clusters (workload domains), as well as patching/upgrading the entire software stack.


  • A Simple Path to Hybrid Cloud: This simplifies the path toward a hybrid cloud by providing a common platform for public and private clouds. It allows you to move workloads across clouds quickly and easily without re-architecting your applications.
  • Simple Management: VMware Cloud Foundation and Tanzu offer integrated container orchestration to optimize performance, resilience, and availability for Kubernetes clusters and VMs.


  • Lower Costs: Reduce CapEx, OpEx, and TCO by using consistent operations and a wide range of deployment options.


  • Consistent Architecture: Simpler operations with full-stack hyper-converged infrastructure. Developer-ready infrastructure is available with enterprise-grade Kubernetes.


  • Consolidated VM and Container Management: You can scale your workloads without compromising with a consistent infrastructure that supports both modern containerized and existing enterprise applications.


  • Flexible Deployment Options: You have the best public and private cloud deployment options. Also, you can choose between self-managed or as-a-service HCI options.


  • Scalability and Efficiency: You can manage workloads on-premises and in the cloud using the same infrastructure, tools, processes, and operations everywhere.


  • Intrinsic Security: Our full-stack HCI platform consolidates traditional VM workloads and modern containers to ensure enterprise-level security.
  • A Platform for Multi-Cloud Apps and Modern Apps:

VMware Cloud Foundation Services is available for both traditional and modern enterprise apps. It offers a complete set of highly secure software-defined service suites for computing, storage, and network security. It allows enterprises to increase agility and flexibility by having consistent infrastructure and operations across public and private clouds.


  • VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), SDDC Manager:

vCloud Tech is the first HCI system jointly designed with deep VMware VCF integration. It provides a direct path to modern apps and the hybrid cloud through one platform.


  • Cloud without chaos A consistent infrastructure with consistent operations on one platform, which is fully automated and provides cloud services.
  • It provides automated lifecycle management for the entire cloud infrastructure, even hardware.
  • Flexible storage options, including vSAN and Dell EMC storage arrays, allow you to support more workloads.
  • It provides workload portability between public and private clouds.
  • It provides software-defined networking with built-in security and is Tanzu-ready.


  • Automate, Streamline and Simplify Hybrid Cloud Operations:

Complete stack integration on vCloud Tech with VMware VCF means that the hyper-converged infrastructure layer and VMware’s cloud software stack are managed to create a full hybrid cloud experience. It reduces risk and increases IT operational efficiency.


  • Automate: A standard operational model simplifies IT operations.
  • Innovate: Technology integration seamlessly enables faster business development.
  • Accelerate: Differentiated business value, return on investment, and payback.

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