Why vCloud Tech?Datacore Hyperconverged Infrastructure, a Software-Defined Storage, offers Ultimate Flexibility, Scalability, and Cost Efficiency

DataCore Hyperconverged infrastructure, a combination of server and storage, is an intelligent software platform that creates flexible building blocks to replace legacy infrastructure, consisting of separate storage networks, servers, and arrays. It combines commodity server hardware with locally attached storage devices and a distributed software layer. As a result, it eliminates common problems associated with legacy infrastructure. In addition, to eliminate legacy infrastructure’s everyday issues, HCI uses a distributed software layer.¬†

A distributed platform on commodity servers is an alternative to expensive and complex legacy infrastructure. It allows enterprises quickly scale their workloads and adjust their costs as required. A server node includes x86 processors, SSDs, and HDDs. Each node is home to software that distributes all operations across the cluster. It optimizes storage performance, and all nodes have a flash. As a result, all-flash nodes can deliver maximum I/O throughput and minimal latency for enterprise applications. 

How does DataCore Hyperconverged Infrastructure work? 

DataCore HCI Solutions include a distributed storage and compute platform that allows you efficiently manage HCI resources from one interface. It eliminates the need for separate management solutions for Hyper-Convergence Storage, storage networks, virtualization, and storage. 



  • Virtualization Calculations¬†



  • Automation & Advanced Technology are some of the benefits¬†


  • Virtualization software abstracts resources and allocates them dynamically to apps in VMs and containers.¬†
  • Maximum Resource:¬†Reduce deployment time, reduce operating costs, and streamline deployment with a compact footprint.¬†


  • Centralized Management:¬†Manage compute, network, and storage resources from a single interface.¬†


  • Flexible Infrastructure:¬†Support modern workloads with a scalable architecture on industry-standard hardware.¬†


  • Single Support Software Stack:¬†Combine planning, design, procurement, training, management, upgrades, and support with a single Red Hat subscription.¬†


  • Improved Edge Performance:¬†This brings higher performance to the network edge where skilled resources and space are limited.¬†


  • Open Source:¬†Leveraging the upstream community ensures enterprise-ready features without being tied to proprietary products.¬†

Enhance Performance and Efficiency with DataCore HCI

DataCore HCI transforms IT operational models, by allowing for simple and unified resource management. It provides three key benefits. 


  • Improved IT Efficiency: A converged IT team can manage and monitor resources and replace manual processes. HCI dynamically allocates and pools resources to increase capacity, performance, and protection.
  • Lower Storage Costs:¬†Scalable architecture reduces CAPEX. It requires no expensive, purpose-built networking and standard x86 servers. HCI scales easily without disruption or overprovisioning, which reduces infrastructure costs.¬†


  • More Remarkable Ability To Scale:¬†HCI allows you to respond quickly to changing business requirements. You can set up hardware in hours and spin up workloads within minutes. You can accelerate business-critical applications such as relational databases with DataCore HCI Software. It scales to meet your specific application requirements and future-proof the IT environment.¬†


  • High Availability At A Low Cost:¬†SANsymphony allows you to achieve high availability with only two HCI nodes. SANsymphony mirrors data simultaneously to a secondary HCI Node in real-time, ensuring high availability storage for mission-critical applications.¬†


  • Well-Suited For Mixed Hypervisor Environments:¬†SANsymphony can provide storage to different hypervisors or migrate from one hypervisor to another.¬†


  • Ultimate Flexibility:¬†DataCore allows you to make the most of your equipment, unlike hyper-converged vendors who only want you to buy from them. You can choose hardware from other suppliers when you need it. It puts you in control of your next purchase. You can also leverage separate or service hyper-converged storage for non-HCI applications if you need to transition to a more converged deployment model. It will not disrupt your business operations.¬†

Flexible Architecture Adapts To Future Needs

DataCore Hyperconverged Infrastructure reduce IT costs by scaling your storage on demand, independent of computing and networking. You can easily access capacity on both cloud storage and external SANs from one console. Non-HCI servers are configured via HCI nodes to allow access to storage. SANsymphony will enable you to easily integrate new technology into an HCI cluster without needing data migrations or forklift upgrades. You can also migrate non-disruptively between traditional SAN, hybrid, or hyper-converged environments, as your business requires, with minimal impact on your applications. 

Great For Mixed Hypervisor Environments

Icon Whether you want to use different hypervisors for different workloads or migrate from one hypervisor to another, SANsymphony works with VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V and works the same way as virtual computing resources. In addition, you can provision hypervisor storage. 

No Vendor Lock-In Or Deployment Restrictions

DataCore HCI Software lets you get the most out of your existing devices. Unlike the usual hyper-converged vendors who want you to buy from the device. You also have complete freedom to choose hardware from other providers when expanding or replacing. In addition, it puts you in control when negotiating your next purchase. Finally, if you need to move to a converged deployment model, use different storage, or deploy hyper-converged storage for non-HCI applications, you can do so seamlessly without disrupting your business operations. 

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DataCore HCI is a software-defined storage solution for SAN and hyperconverged environments. Maximize the overall value of your storage infrastructure by providing fast, non-disruptive data access while reducing storage costs and increasing flexibility and scalability.

DataCore helps you adapt your hyperconverged deployments to your existing environment, offering greater flexibility than other proprietary HCI solutions. Whether it’s a remote outpost or a dedicated extension of your current data center, SANsymphony easily adapts to your unique situation. We tailor what works best for you when you need a robust, uninterrupted operation in an affordable compact footprint.

Potential adopters sometimes need clarification on hyperconverged and converged solutions. Some similarities make both solutions very attractive, depending on the needs of your environment. However, an essential fundamental difference is that converged solutions are hardware-centric, and hyperconverged solutions are software-defined.

DataCore’s hyperconverged software-defined solution maximizes hardware flexibility and saves CapEx/OpEx. Freedom to go all-flash or hybrid with any server vendor. You can even mix servers from different providers without compatibility issues.

DataCore HCI is a hyperconverged infrastructure appliance purpose-built to ease the burden on IT by combining computing, storage, and virtualization in one easy-to-use box. It offers all of the simplicity, scalability, high performance, and rapid deployment of HCI with robust data services and the ultimate flexibility of a software-defined storage platform.

  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility
  • Selectivity
  • Economic