Why vCloud Tech?We empower IT, professionals to protect and manage privileged account activity by providing high-quality, policy-driven solutions

The privilege Security (PAS) solution is multi-layered access security for¬†privileged access account holders and includes over 500 out-of-the-box integrations. So, CyberArk’s software offers cloud, on-premises, and SaaS deployment options, making it ideal for any business regardless of its stage of cloud migration. Additionally, CyberArk PAM is the only vendor that offers complete protection against insider and advanced security threats, helping reduce risk and ensure compliance with stringent requirements.¬†

CyberArk has the most deployments in large-scale virtual distributed environments and addresses more privileged access security concerns than any other vendor. So, We can support any device, data centre, cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments and every phase of the DevOps pipeline. In addition, CyberArk can be equipped with an integrated solution that ensures complete security, monitoring, detection, and analysis of all user access rights.

CyberArk Privileged Access Manager

  • Always scan the environment to identify the presence of¬†privileged access management. Confirm privilege by adding accounts to a queue awaiting review or by letting them automatically onboard and rotate accounts and credentials according to the company policies.
  • Set up a practical control point that is secure to protect credential leaks and separate crucial assets from users by establishing clear connections to systems of the target through a variety of native workflows
  • Certainly, Record and save privilege-laden sessions in a central, secure repository. Prioritize auditing active and recorded sessions using video replay, which makes it easier to review the most suspicious activities
  • Certainly, Administrators can view specific activities or keystrokes in videos: Alert SOC and IT teams of unusual actions that violate or circumvent the CyberArk privileged access manager¬†of the controls.
  • Automatically suspend or end privilege sessions based on risk assignment, and start an automatic process of rotating credentials in the case of a privileged breach or theft.

Only settle for the top industry player in privileged access management tools (PAM).

  • Defend Against Attacks:
     Securely privileged identities for humans and machines in a secure repository.
  • Satisfy Audit & Compliance:
     Meet internal requirements, control access, and ensure a complete central audit.
  • Enable the Digital Business:
     Securely authenticate users by VPN with access via a single web port.

Manage Privileged Credentials

Automatically detect and transfer secret credentials and passwords used by human and non-human identities. Centralized policy management lets administrators establish policies for the complexity of passwords and frequency of rotation of passwords, as well as which users have access to which safes and others. So, The automatic course of passwords helps improve security while reducing time-intensive manual processes for IT departments.

Deploy as SaaS or self-hosted 

 Implement and extend CyberArk PAM with confidence. CyberArk Identity Security Blueprint has successfully protected thousands of customer environments and countless others.


Easily secure and manage privileged accounts, credentials, and secrets with our PAM-as-a-Service solution. 

  • Automate upgrades and patches to reduce the total cost of ownership¬†
  • Protect your SOC 2 Type 2 compliant services with a certified 99.9% uptime SLA¬†¬†
  • A Helpful Guide to CyberArk Jump Start¬†


 Secure and control privileged access in on-premises deployments. 

  • Deploy them in data centres, private or public clouds to meet regulatory compliance or organizational needs¬†
  • Migrate to SaaS with confidence backed by CyberArk’s proven expertise¬†
  • Multi-region deployments are scalable

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CyberArk’s PAM-as-a-Service offering enables access to privileged accounts and credentials across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments through easy-to-deploy and managed cloud computing. In addition, it allows organizations to discover, onboard, and work.

Certainly, Privileged Access Management (PAM) is an information security mechanism (Infosec) that protects identities with special access or capabilities beyond those of ordinary users. Like all information security solutions, PAM works through a combination of people, processes, and technology. 

PAM solutions protect administrative and other sensitive accounts used by users and processes, while PAS is used for endpoint management, provisioning and monitoring. , Automation, Workflow, Audit/Reporting, and Governance.

While IAM is used enterprise-wide to identify and authorize users, PAM is used by privileged users (those who need permission to access more sensitive data). So, It acts as a subset of his IAM focus.

CyberArk is an identity and access management (IAM) security tool that can be used as a privileged access management tool. So, We provide a comprehensive solution for storing, managing and sharing passwords within your organization.

Indeed, CyberArk Remote Access is a SaaS that helps organizations secure external providers who need access to critical internal systems without needing VPNs, agents or passwords Solution.