Why vCloud Tech?Harmony Email & Collaboration Reduces The Amount Of Phishing

Check Point Harmony is the industry’s leading unified security solution for devices and access Email & Collaboration detection. Harmony Email & Collaboration detects and blocks the most sophisticated attacks that target inbound, outbound, and internal communications, all in real time, before reaching the end users.

It secures devices and connectivity from the latest threats and provides a zero-trust connection to company applications. Utilizing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and analyzing more than 300 indicators of phishing and infusing information from Threat Cloud, Check Point’s constantly up-to-date service is built on a revolutionary global network of threat sensors. Harmony Email & Collaboration reduces the amount of phishing that reaches your inbox by 99.2 percent.

Total security Complete protection Microsoft 365 Email Protection, Google Workspace, and all of your applications for collaboration and sharing files:


  • Stops advanced malware, phishing, and ransomware attacks before the inbox.


  • Secures business-sensitive data (DLP) from being accessed outside the company.


  • It keeps your account safe and your users secure.


  • It is securing all channels of communication in the business that is used for business communication, including Slack and Teams.


  • The first method to implement API is Machine Learning, machine learning, and AI for the security of emails.

Securing Email Has Changed:

  • Harmony Email & Collaboration reinvented security for email in 2015 since traditional gateways couldn’t adapt to the cloud.


  • Connects via API.


  • Blocks malicious email messages before they can reach your inbox.


  • It acts as a replacement for SEGs.


Harmony Email & Collaboration:

  • Full Protection Total protection for cloud email as well as collaboration applications.


  • Bulletproof Security An API-based solution that can detect what the rest of us miss, like ransomware, account hijacking, BEC, and supply chain attacks.


  • Superb Catch Rate 99.2 percent decrease in attacks on phishing that reach the inbox. Blocks attack 30 percent greater than cloud-native security.
  • Secure All Your File-Sharing Apps:

Harmony Email & Collaboration secures the most popular file-sharing platforms, Google Drive ShareFile, OneDrive, SharePoint, Box, and Dropbox, from malware such as ransomware and east-west attack and protects against malicious or accidental data loss. Through dynamic analysis inside the cloud-based, scalable environment, each attachment is tested and verified to ensure that there’s no malicious content. Harmony immediately detects suspicious behavior and blocks files before the threat is spread. Custom-designed policy filters permit organization-specific configurations. Each file is scrutinized and analyzed by Harmony for harmful links, which are then blocked across all your file-sharing applications. Every link within every file is evaluated at both a domain and on a page level, using several significant data sources to create URL block lists.


  • Collaboration Security:

Collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams aren’t inherently secured, leaving data and organizations vulnerable. Harmony Email & Collaboration adds the best security layers required for enterprises’ security, including protection against malware, DLP URLs, and compliance tools. Harmony manages access to private data, removes malware, and alerts users about security events. In parallel, a comprehensive dashboard informs administrators of security concerns related to the usage of the applications. Harmony records the total number of users sharing, files, logins, links channels, and threats detected.

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