Why vCloud Tech?Barracuda Email Protection safeguards your data and company by stopping phishing attacks.

The Barracuda Email Security Gateway protects against inbound malware such as spam,¬†anti-phishing, and denial-of-service attacks. To complement the Barracuda Email Security Gateway, see Barracuda Sentinel, a cloud-based AI solution deployed in real time for spear phishing and cyber fraud prevention. Phishing usually carries out through direct digital communication. Cyberattacks targeting email servers can prevent your company’s productivity from being affected. Flexible and flexible policies allow you to enforce specific incoming mail policies further. Additionally, phishing attacks can trick users into entering sensitive information, often through fake web pages that look and feel like the actual website.

Communications claiming to originate from auctions and deals, financial institutions’ websites, IT administrators, and networks uses to trick users. Phishing emails may also contain hyperlinks to common malware that causes further damage to the victim’s system. Attacks against email have grown in complexity to the point where traditional defences ignore them. Identity theft and phishing attacks use specially designed social engineering techniques to trick users into providing credentials, paying bills, or sharing sensitive documents. Barracuda protects you from targeted attacks by identifying the malicious intent behind these emails. In addition, spoofing and phishing protection run silently in the background, preventing attacks from reaching their intended targets.

Phishing type:

In addition to traditional phishing techniques, certain types of phishing use to achieve various goals. 

  • Spear Phishing: Spoofed email attacks aims at specific individuals or organizations seeking unauthorized access to sensitive data. Certainly, Attackers typically gather personal information about their victims to increase their chances of success.¬†
  • Clone phishing¬†is when a genuine and valid email is compromised by obtaining the recipient’s content and address and then reverse engineering the email to create a similar or cloned version. Barracuda Email Security Gateway replaced real attachments and links in the original email with malicious software that sends an aliased email through his address to trick the recipient into believing it to be a genuine email.¬†
  • Whaling: Phishing attempts to target executives for their organization’s role. So, The content of whaling emails interprets as legal subpoena complaints or customer issues. Whaling scam emails are masquerading as business emails sent by legitimate companies.
  • Spear Phishing Prevention:
    ¬†Barracuda automatically detects and prevents spear phishing attacks that bypass traditional email security systems. Barracuda’s AI engine learns each organization’s unique communication patterns and uses those patterns to identify anomalies and isolate spear phishing attacks in real-time.
  • Prevent BEC and CEO Fraud:
    ¬†Barracuda automatically quarantines corporate email attacks by detecting anomalies in email headers and bodies. The AI ‚Äč‚Äčcan automatically detect all kinds of BEC attacks from day one without requiring manual rules or user configuration.
  • Employee Impersonation Detection:
     Barracuda can detect all types of employee impersonation, including executive, mid-level, and low-level employee impersonation. It can see fake emails, typosquatting domains, and identity emails from free or personal email clients.
  • Stop zero-day phishing:
     By detecting unusual communication patterns in email bodies, links, or email headers, Barracuda can stop zero-day phishing attacks that bypass other email security systems. Detect all zero-day phishing attacks, including links to fake login pages and malicious websites.
  • Web spoofing detection:
     Barracuda is trained to detect and automatically quarantine phishing emails spoofing web services such as Microsoft Outlook, DocuSign and Dropbox. Barracuda AI can prevent web spoofing, even with copied characters and zero-day links.
  • Social Responses:

     Training individuals to identify phishing scams and then deal with these attempts. Education can be successful, mainly when it focuses on knowledge.

  • Browser Alerts:¬†Keep an updated list of websites known to be fraudulent and compare websites to the list. One of these services is the Safe Browsing service provided by Google Chrome.


  • The elimination of Phishing Mail:

     So, spam filters reduce the number of phishing emails delivered to recipient inboxes. And provide post-delivery remediation that analyzes and eliminates phishing threats at delivery through integration with email phishing prevention providers.

  • Control and Retake:

    Indeed, down All-hours services monitor, analyze, and aid in stopping sites that appear to be phishing using a mobile device (smartphone) or alternative mail address to serve as an alternative for authorization and authentication of sensitive transactions.

Identify impersonation attempts: 

Barracuda AI builds an identity graph for each Office 365 user using metadata from internal, external, and historical emails. The identity graph uses email addresses, document types, names used, natural language analysis (NLP), and other data that define an individual’s unique communication patterns. So, These learned patterns enable Barracuda to detect behavioural, content, and link-forwarding anomalies in your organization’s email communications. This real-time protection protects your inbox from spear phishing, business email compromise, anti-phishing services, and other targeted attacks.

Real-time spoofing attempts:

In conclusion Barracuda Email Phishing prevention is unique in that it continuously scans for threats and automatically protects your inbox when detected. If an email is found to be unusual or malicious, it will be removed from the inbox before the user can interact with the message. Remediation happens in real-time, and notifications are sent to the user and her IT admin.

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The Barracuda Email Security Gateway is an email security gateway that manages and filters all inbound and outbound email traffic to protect your organization from email threats and data breaches.

 See Hardware and Virtual Appliance Serial Numbers for information on how to find your appliance serial number. Then, activate the device: Go to Basic > Dashboard page. Then, in the Subscription Status section, enter your activation code and click Activate.


Barracuda is an excellent email security gateway tool that filters all incoming and outgoing email traffic. Our team has extensive experience with Barracuda, primarily used for anti-spam services.

Barracuda is part of a complete email protection solution, offering basic email encryption that is highly secure. More importantly, Barracuda combines email encryption with other data protection layers to block malware and advanced threats, such as data loss prevention, archiving, and filtering.

The Barracuda Email Security Gateway can send notifications in the language of your choice at defined intervals to notify users that their messages are quarantined.


A Secure Email Gateway (SEG) is a device or software for monitoring incoming and outgoing emails. Email gateway protection is designed to prevent unwanted emails and deliver good emails. Unwanted messages include spam, phishing attacks, malware, or deceptive content.