Why vCloud Tech?Advanced threat and data protection for Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, and other cloud services

Advanced threats protection solutions protect your data and personal information with Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, and other cloud App services. Email is essential to the mission. Unfortunately, the number of malware and spam based on email is increasing. In the same way, other important tasks and projects take up time when managing the network. But email security maintenance is something to be completed. Unfortunately, doing so will lead to a decline in your email protection and spam-blocking effectiveness.

Trend Micro Email Security is a no-maintenance-required solution that delivers continuously updated protection to stop spam, malware, spear-phishing, and advanced targeted attacks before they reach your network. It guards Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, and Google G Suite, as well as other on-premises and hosted email solutions. Unlike traditional self-hosted email solutions, which rely on a cable to move to provide a layer of security, cloud-based solutions require an entirely distinct approach.

  • Connect and collaborate more confidently through the cloud:¬†

    Increase your security in Office 365, Google Workspace, and other cloud-based services using sandbox malware analysis for ransomware BEC and other sophisticated threats. The protection offered by Microsoft cloud app security filters known antivirus threats; however, most malware today can only affect one device and will not be detected by conventional antivirus techniques.

  • Guard cloud file sharing against dangers and data loss controls:

    The sensitive data DLP is used for Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Dropbox, Box, Salesforce, and Google Drive. That Utilizes more than 200 pre-designed and custom compliance templates to limit controlled data sharing.

  • Protects shared files against malware:

    ¬†Scans shared files from partners, remote workers, or mobile devices to ensure that threats aren’t transferred through cloud file sharing and collaboration services.

  • Simple integration ensures that all functionality is preserved:¬†

    Direct cloud-to-cloud integration Make use of APIs to increase security without any hassles. It setups quickly and easily. API integration is easy and quick. There’s no software installation or change of user settings, no proxy to install, and no MX record to modify. Functionality is preserving.¬†

The mail server from which the mail originated runs a DNS lookup to find the address of the mail server domain. Because Trend Micro Email Security must intercept the company’s emails before delivering The Mail Exchange (MX) record, for example.com example.com contains an IP address for Trend Micro Email Security instead of the IP address used initially.

  • The mail server that originates the message forwards the emails via Trend Micro Email Security.
  • Trend Micro Cloud App Security¬†Servers receive the messages and do filtering and policy matching for you.
  • A message is forwarded to Google Mail servers by Trend Micro’s Mail Security Servers if it slates for delivery, complies with security regulations, or has a valid status.

Email Security Advanced

Email Security Advanced is a high-end secure email gateway service that employs an ideal combination of cross-generational techniques to prevent ransomware, phishing, BEC, spam, and other advanced threats to email before they can reach your network.

Cloud App Security

It is a part of Trend Micro Cloud SaaS Security, an additional layer of security in email services. It certainly protects Office 365 emails sent internally and externally from malware and other threats. By ensuring suitability with other cloud-based email, file sharing, and collaboration tools like Gmail, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams, it also protects against threats. Cloud App Security integrates directly with Office 365 and other services using APIs. So, It maintains the functionality of users without rerouting email traffic or installing an internet proxy.

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Trend Micro Cloud App Security uses machine learning to detect previously unknown malware before it executes. For example, the Document Exploit Detection Engine detects malware hidden in Office files.

A security agency platform for cloud builders, Trend Micro Cloud One offers the most complete and comprehensive cloud security in a single package to help secure your cloud infrastructure.

One of the more severe problems was with Trend Micro’s Data Loss Prevention Tool. Professional hackers have discovered that an unauthenticated, remote code execution vulnerability gives them control over a server running software.

One of the problems with Trend Micro’s is Data Loss Prevention Tool. Professional hackers have discovered that an unauthenticated, remote code execution vulnerability gives them control over a server running software.

It’s safer than working with raw malware samples. In the latest round of Android security testing by AV-Test (Opens in a new window), researchers found that Trend Micro detected 100% of the 2,186 malware samples used in the evaluation. That exceeds the already very high average recognition value of 98%.