Why vCloud Tech?FortiCNP offers IT, security experts the ability to check cloud resource configurations.

Fortinet FortiCNP¬†is described as a cloud-native cloud security platform that is fully connected to Cloud Security¬†Providers’ (CSP) security solutions and the Fortinet Security Fabric to deliver a total, cloud-based, full-stack security solution for protecting cloud-based workloads.

FortiCWP is compatible with APIs offered by cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform to monitor and track security components of all kinds, such as configurations, user activities including configurations, and user activity logs. With an API-based system, FortiCWP is tightly integrated with the top IaaS providers to allow access to the data and usage stored in various clouds. This method also ensures that all users of your IaaS resources are protected and monitored by FortiCWP, no matter which location they are on or the device they’re using. Based on Fabric-up, Also FortiCWP built to integrate deeply with Fortinet Security Fabric. Fortinet Security Fabric to provide an integrated cloud usage management system and reports.

FortiCWP can also check containers for weaknesses and configuration errors, including cloud data storage for potentially harmful or sensitive data. Additionally, FortiCWP can generate reports for your company’s security and compliance with standard regulatory requirements. FortiCNP’s exclusive Risk Resource Insights (RRI)TM technology simplifies security by analyzing security findings to prioritize the top significant resources and utilizing actionable data to assist security teams in managing cloud risks.

By using Fortinet Cloud Network Protection Features, you can secure your network:

1. Central Visibility

FortiCNP gives central monitoring and reports in multi-cloud settings. FortiCNP offers dashboards, logs, and information that allow you to see your security state at a glance. The activity of users and cloud
resources, data and files, and policies can see from one central place. FortiCNP can show the user’s actions on a list or a map. In addition, FortiCNP will visually display relationships to resources to help administrators quickly comprehend their cloud infrastructures for all monitored accounts and ensure that the relation between cloud resources and services is easily understood.


2. On-Demand Data Scanning

In contrast to a proxy-based service or hardware device, FortiCNP directly connects to the cloud provider to access files and data saved in an organization account. In addition, all new data is verified against policies regarding data leakage and scanned for security threats. 



3. User Insights and Policies

Cloud network Protection offers many tools to provide insights into user behaviours and activities on cloud-based applications. Administrators can monitor usage as needed and have the ability to view user entitlements and dormant users and conduct detailed configuration assessments.


4. Threat Protection and Response

Altogether FortiCNP uses User Entity Analytics (UEBA) for UEBA to search for irregular or suspicious user behaviour. It also issues warnings about suspicious behaviour. Analytics of entity and user behaviour is a security procedure that analyzes the typical behaviour of users. 


5. FortiGuard Integration for Advanced Threat Detection

FortiCWP automatically integrates the well-known FortiGuard antivirus software to check the security of files stored on the cloud. This service is offered free of charge to FortiCNP users.

Cloud-Native Integrations:

Cloud-native integrations that integrate with major cloud services suppliers’ (CSP) security solutions and Fortinet Security Solutions provide a broad perspective across the cloud ecosystem, providing immediate threat protection and zero-permission security protection.

Resource Risk Insights (RRI): 

RRI integrates security data from various cloud-native and Fortinet security products to assess cloud risks based on the configurations, vulnerabilities, access to data, permissions, interdependencies, and threats. RRI prioritizes cloud resources that pose the most significant risk for an organization.

 Context-Rich Actionable Insights: 

FortiCNP gives actionable insight for Cloud Workloads security with high risk and creates consistent workflows that increase the security of cloud-based environments. FortiCNP helps security teams to control cloud risk.

  Maximizes Security Investments and Increases Roi: 

Integrations native to CSP products and Fortinet Security Fabric maximize the benefit of customers’ cloud security investments since their outputs are helpful within a more comprehensive security system.

  Streamlines Security Operations: 

Manages risk using integrated digital workflow solutions that manage and automate mitigation processes. In addition, stop-gap remediations are possible using Fortinet Cloud security products to guard against being harmed.

  • Risk Management: Also FortiCNP’s exclusive RRI connects and contextualizes Cloud Security management alerts, conclusions taken from CSP security services, and Fortinet Security Fabric solutions to evaluate cloud risks. Cloud assets prioritize under the riskiest. RRI provides actionable information through uniform workflows that help security teams reduce and manage risks. Threat management of threats Native connections with CSP security solutions like Amazon Guard Duty Malware Protection and Amazon Inspector, and Fortinet Security Fabric solutions offer immediate threat protection and no-permission protection for security
  • ¬†Data security:¬†Detects and safeguards against data-related malware, sensitive information loss, corruption, and¬†errors¬†in the cloud storage repository.



Cloud Network Protection Prevent from Data Loss:

  • Container security:¬†Guards against the possibility of vulnerabilities in containers’ images and registries throughout the entire lifecycle of the application. Integrates with Kubernetes environments, constantly examining risk profiles and activity to detect the emergence of new threats.


  • Compliance and DLP:¬† Certainly FortiCNP provides a highly customizable collection of tools to prevent data loss, protect against data breaches and provide a predefined set of compliance reports. Utilizing standard regular expressions, FortiCWP can be set to almost any policy to satisfy requirements for data security and provides customized reports about DLP actions. For example, suppose your company must comply with standards for compliance. In that case, FortiCWP offers predefined reports for various means, including PCI HIPPA, SOX, GDPR ISO 27001, and NIST, that allow organizations to create compliance reports immediately for auditing teams, so any violations of the policy can be detected and rectified.

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Fortinet’s cloud-native protection product, FortiCNP, helps security teams prioritize risk management activities based on various security signals from cloud environments.

Cloud workload protection is securing workloads as they move between different cloud environments. The entire workload must be functioning for cloud-based applications to function without introducing security risks.

Fortinet’s FortiNAC network access control solution provides network-wide visibility to all devices and also to users, including Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Basically FortiCNP is a custom security platform that can calculate risk and indicate the importance of specific workloads based on security findings generated by cloud-native and Fortinet security sources. Consider parameters. That produces a normalized risk score to prioritize risky resources.

FortiSIEM is certainly a highly scalable, multi-tenant security information and event management (SIEM) solution that provides real-time infrastructure and user awareness for accurate threat detection, analysis, and reporting.