Why vCloud Tech?Cloud Network Security and Advanced Threat Protection

Checkpoint CloudGuard Network Security is an element of the Checkpoint Cloud Native Security platform that provides advanced threat detection and cloud-based security. Checkpoint is well-suited to dynamic hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Check Point reduces the inherent difficulty of managing security within multi-cloud environments.

Check Point provides cloud security resilience and scalability and minimizes the requirement to implement the same security policy across an organization’s resource clouds. CloudGuard is a world-class security solution that provides advanced threat prevention, cloud security for your private, public, and hybrid cloud, and efficient and consistent unified security management for cloud and on-premises networks through one pane of glass.

Check Point Cloud Guard’s public cloud security provides the same level of protection that protects the customer’s premises-based Network Cloud in an application designed for the flexible and dynamic characteristics of the cloud. Protect your data and assets in the cloud from more sophisticated attacks using multiple layers of protection, including:



  • The Firewall IPS, Antivirus, and Anti-Bot safeguard your services from unauthorized access and threats.


  • Application Control stops application layer attacks on denial of service and safeguards cloud services.


  • IPsec VPN provides secure connectivity to cloud resources.


  • Mobile Access lets mobile users join the cloud through an SSL encrypted connection, secured by two-factor authentication and pairing devices.


  • Data Loss Prevention protects sensitive information from theft and accidental loss.


  • Sandblast Zero-Day Protection provides complete protection against zero-day attacks.
  • Centralized Management for Cloud and On-Premise Infrastructures: Check Point Cloud Guard is managed by the in-house Check Point Unified Security Management solution. A uniform security policy is applied to corporate assets in the public cloud and on-premises infrastructures. It all comes through a single interface.


  • Dynamic and Automated Policy: Check Point Cloud Guard integrates with the most popular cloud management tools to take in and use contextual information about your infrastructure. Cloud-defined elements, such as tags for assets, objects, and security groups, are continuously updated, which allows CloudGuard Network to adjust security policies in response to modifications to your cloud environment.


  • Consolidated Logs and Reporting for Hybrid Cloud Environments: Check Point Cloud Guard public cloud security makes security and monitoring across both on-premises and cloud infrastructures. CloudGuard also improves forensic analysis by consolidating reports and logging into a unifying view of events, making compliance much more accessible.

Advanced Threat Defense:

  • Most Secure Threat Protection with Industry-Leading Detection Rates: 100% block rate, 100% malware protection, 100% exploit resistance, and 0% false positives with the highest security effectiveness rating.


  • Long-Term Leader Recognized by External Analysts: Gartner Magic for Network Firewalls He has been a leader in his quadrant for 20 consecutive years, NSS Labs recommended scores, and over 25 years of experience in intellectual property and cybersecurity technologies.


  • Advanced Protection with Security Features: firewall, DLP, IPS, application control, IPsec VPN, antivirus, and antibot. SSL/TLS traffic inspection with traffic forwarding. Sandblast adds threat extraction and threat emulation for zero-day attacks.


Automated Network Security:

  • The Cloud Security Blueprint Provides Best Practices for Secure Cloud Design: Gain agility, scalability, high availability, elasticity, and efficiency. Check Point provides code that enables complete automation.


  • Enables Rapid Deployment Through Public Cloud Marketplaces: Use templates from AWS CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager, and other public cloud providers.


  • Integrate with Leading Configuration Management Tools like Terraform and Ansible: Programmatically command and control cloud-native security gateways, supporting infrastructure as code, CI/CD practices, and process automation using APIs.


Unified Management Across all Clouds:

  • A Unified Security Management Console: Provides consistent visibility, policy management, logging, reporting, and control across all cloud environments, infrastructure, networks, and on-premises deployments.


  • Extend your On-Premises Security Posture to the cloud Easily, Quickly, and Intuitively: Ensure secure cloud migrations and improve operational efficiency without the complexity of additional security solutions.


  • Collect and Use Contextual Information About Cloud Configurations: Use asset tags, objects, and security groups, to automatically adjust security policies after changes in dynamic cloud environments.

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