Why vCloud Tech?Integrate VMware's vRealize Suite Solutions with Cloud Management

VMware’s vRealize Suite¬†provides Cloud Management products and offers Automation, operations log analytics, lifecycle management, and more on-premises. VMware vRealize Suite provides a management solution specifically designed for hybrid cloud and heterogeneous data centres. It manages applications and infrastructure to improve business agility and IT control.

It offers the complete VMware Cloud Management Platform for multiple hypervisors and private clouds. This allows IT managers and cloud admins to concentrate on business-critical initiatives and improve time to market (TTV), reliability and consistency. We have also made some terminology changes to make our documentation more inclusive. vRealize Suite will enable organizations to address the above use cases and to see the cost of infrastructure as well as the consumption of resources of end users in a multi-cloud environment to maximize budgets.

Self-service Automation can help you become more flexible, productive, and efficient:

  • Agility:¬†Speed up IT Services delivery to allow IT to meet the expectations line of business partners
  • Efficiency:¬†Increase efficiency of¬†VMware vRealize Suite¬†and utilization of IT resources, and reduce OpEx CapEx.
  • Optimize:¬†proactively identify and resolve emerging issues using predictive analytics and intelligent alarms, ensuring optimal performance and availability.
  • Control:¬†provide the right level of control to support IT teams’ needs in balancing agility, risk, and cost.
  • Business/IT Alignment:¬†Provide transparency over the costs and operations of IT services to improve IT and Business alignment
  • Intelligent Operations:

    Proactively identify and correct anomalies and issues to ensure availability and performance across applications, the entire infrastructure stack, and multiple cloud environments. Correlate operation and business insight are also available to help accelerate cloud planning, reduce costs, maximize resource utilization, and improve forecasting.
  • Automate IT:

    Automate production-ready infrastructure resources delivery across multi-cloud environments via automation and policy-driven governance. It is possible to reduce the time required to respond to IT service requests and improve the management of provisioned resources.
  • Developer Cloud:

    Allow developers to be more productive and still allow them to move applications seamlessly from development to production.
  • DevOps for Infrastructure:

    DevOps-based infrastructure delivery using infrastructure as code, infrastructure pipes, GitOps release automation, and pipeline as code.
  • Auto-Driving Operations:

    Optimized performance, capacity, and cost with app-aware intelligent remediation integrated compliance, and everything in between, from infrastructure to apps.
  • Modern Infrastructure Automation:

    Automate the management of IT services throughout their lifecycle using approval policies, provisioning via APIs, declarative states enforcement, workflow orchestration, and auto-remediation.
  • Data Center Virtualization (vCloud Suite only):

    Adding vSphere to vRealize Suite will increase productivity and improve the management of VI admins. Accelerate innovation in AI/ML, database analytics, and time-critical apps.
  • vRealize automation:

Self-service automation can increase productivity, agility, and efficiency.


  • vRealize Log Insight:

Central log management, visibility, and analytics can improve troubleshooting and security.


  • vRealize Operations:

Optimize, plan, and scale SDDC and cloud deployments using self-driving operations.


  • vRealize Suite Manager Lifecycle:

Accelerate deployment and upgrades to improve environment stability and end-user productivity.

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VMware vCloud Suite is an enterprise-proven compute virtualization platform combined with a multi-cloud management solution for building and managing multi-cloud environments powered by VMware Cloud. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive solutions.

The Standard Edition includes standard versions of vRealize Operations, vRealize Log Insight, and vRealize Business for Cloud for software-defined data centers and hybrid cloud management.

 A policy-driven approach to cloud resource management, multi-tenancy, security, compliance, and independent role-based access control. A centralized suite of services for integration with leading storage, networking, security, data protection, and other software vendors and custom applications.

vCloud Suite 5.5 consists of vSphere: Which provides the virtualization platform. vCenter Site Recovery Manager: Provides automated disaster recovery. vCloud Networking and Security: Includes firewall, VPN, DHCP, NAT, and other networking features for virtualized computing environments.

The most common users of vRealize and vCloud Suite come from businesses (1,001+ employees) and the hospital and healthcare industry.

Offers an availability SLA for mission-critical applications with disaster recovery. Provides fast and consistent on-demand delivery of multi-tier applications. vCloud Suite includes the comprehensive IT management capabilities of vCenter Operations Management.

VMware vRealize Suite is a purpose-built management solution for heterogeneous data centers and hybrid clouds. Deliver and manage infrastructure and applications to increase business agility while maintaining IT control.