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VMware Cloud Foundation

HCI enables any enterprise to deploy cloud-like infrastructure on-premises with lower cost, more control, and higher security.


The Traditional 3-tier architecture is comprised of three core elements compute, storage, and networking. It has served enterprises well in the past but with the growing data, such a technology cannot respond quickly enough to meet today’s applications demands. These traditional architectures were too expensive to build, complex to operate, and difficult to scale. Therefore, business units are going for public clouds as they do not want IT infrastructures to support their applications. 

VMware’s HCI (Hyper-converged infrastructure)

VMware offers enterprises with their enhanced HCI (Hyper-converged infrastructure). A software-defined unified system offered by VMware decreases data center complexity and increases scalability for any enterprise. With a high memory CPU (Central Processing Units) combined with advanced storage, it converges an entire infrastructure for any enterprise and runs it all on the x86-based servers. The x86-based servers come with internal SSD drives which help businesses to form a hyper-converged infrastructure or simply an HCI.

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vCloud focus on enabling organizations with secure, agile, and next-gen IT solutions for better business outcome.

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Consolidating your security solutions to fewer brands, reducing cost, management, and support. Helps enterprises accelerate their journey to the cloud.


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