Why vCloud Tech?Delivering virtual desktops and applications from on-premises to the cloud:

VMware Horizon provides an end-to-end solution to manage and deliver virtualized desktops or physical VMware desktops virtual application delivery to end users. Futhermore, VMware Horizon can create and broker connections to Windows & Linux virtual desks, Remote Desktop Services applications (RDS), desktops, and other services. It can also deliver Linux-hosted apps.

The VMware Horizon is a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution (VDI), the core component of VMware’s digital workspace. It integrates with VMware NSX and VMware Workspace One to provide the tools and capabilities necessary for access from any device.In addition, VMware Horizon is a digital workspace that delivers virtual desktops and apps to workers from anywhere and anytime. Moreover the platform integrates deeply into the VMware technology ecosystem. It provides an agile cloud-ready foundation with modern best-in-class management and end-to-end security to empower today’s Anywhere Workspace.

VMware Horizon Features

  • VMware Horizon is a flexible, agile hybrid cloud platform.
  • It allows businesses to use existing data center-based resources. This includes the ability to transform on-premises desktop and application environments without reinstalling.
  • It allows you to use the cloud for more capacity and uses.
  • You can choose when and how to transition workloads to optimize performance and reduce costs in on-premises environments.
  • You can use cloud-native control plane services. And it reduces costs and improves productivity. IT can also shift from manual tasks to automated processes.
  • One central management GUI allows you to manage and monitor all aspects of your deployment.
  • It allows remote users to access desktops and apps anywhere and from any device using a single login. And It doesn’t matter if the data is stored on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Horizon’s control plane allows you to deploy, manage and scale virtual desktops and apps in hybrid cloud environments.
  • Horizon is a platform that securely delivers virtual desktops and applications across the hybrid cloud. It keeps employees connected, productive, and engaged at all times.

VMware Horizon Key Benefits

  • Manage your cloud account: Use a cloud-based console or SaaS management service to deploy efficiently, manage, monitor, and scale desktops and applications across multiple clouds.
  • Modernize your operations: Integrate leading-edge technologies to transform legacy infrastructure and automate provisioning and managing virtual desktops and apps. This will allow you to deliver the personalized experience that your end-users require.
  • Building resilience: A cloud-based platform with scalable capabilities that can scale to accommodate change is a good choice. It also offers flexibility in deployment across public and private clouds.
  • Secure Data and Achieve Compliance: Secure remote access to corporate resources can be made possible from any device using NSX and intrinsic security. Carbon Black integration increases security through a zero-trust model.
  • Remote work is possible: Employees can stay connected and productive wherever they are with a personalized, consistent desktop environment.
  • Increase ROI: With more flexibility and reliability in accessing resources, you can save money and increase your business’s value.
  • VMware Technology is uniquely integrated

Integrate with VMware Cloud Foundation for a consistent digital foundation that can be used to build hyper converged infrastructures, both on-premises and in the cloud.


  • Optimal Desktop Delivery and App Delivery

Blast Performance and Blast 3D deliver secure, high-performance workstations, rich 2D/3D graphics, and an immersive user experience.


  • Modern Management

Modernize management using instant Clone Technology, VMware Application Volumes(TM), and VMware Dynamic Environment Manager.


  • Comprehensive Environment Monitoring

We monitor the health and performance of VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure stacks with vRealize Horizon or more detailed desktop metrics, root cause, and remediation with Control Up.


  • Flexible Cloud Deployment Options

Further , You can deploy and manage desktops and applications on-premises, hybrid, or public clouds. You can also deliver up-to-date infrastructure with automation and SaaS services available from Horizon Control Plane.


  • Workspace ONE Intelligence provides end-to-end visibility

Monitoring, analysis, and alerts for virtual desktops or apps can be done. Provide basic and advanced use cases, including utilization metrics, capacity reports, remediation workflows, and customizable dashboards.

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VMware Horizon is a secure, multi-cloud desktop and app virtualization platform that modernizes management and enables a future-ready workforce.

Remote desktops and applications are run by VMware Horizon in your data center or cloud and are provided to your employees as a managed service. On both private and public clouds, it offers flexible deployment options on platforms like Microsoft Azure, VMware Cloud on AWS, Google Cloud VMware Engine, and VMware Cloud on Dell EMC.

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Unlike traditional VDI and remote desktop solutions, VMware Horizon makes more efficient use of resources such as disk space, CPU, memory, and network. Increase. This solution also improves scalability, reliability, and compatibility.

The components that make Horizon VDI include VMware View Manager, VMware vCenter Server, and dedicated desktop VMs hosted for RDS hosts. Consists of all desktop management, performance monitoring, and automation tools used.

VMware Horizon Client is software that connects your VMware Horizon virtual desktop to your chosen device for access on the go. Clients for Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Chrome, and Android are available at my.vmware.com.

You can use Horizon for device redirection, unified communications, application and desktop access, and more. In addition, VMware Horizon provides easy single sign-on access on any device, delivering virtual desktops anywhere. As a result, end users can work anywhere.!!!