Why vCloud Tech?Deep Operational Visibility and Intelligent Analytics for Troubleshooting, Hybrid, and Multi-Cloud Environments

vRealize Log Insight manages data at scale using centralized log management, deep operational visibility, and intelligent analytics for troubleshooting, auditing, and auditing in private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. Smart log management is provided by vRealize Log insight for applications and infrastructure across any environment. This log management system is highly-scalable and delivers actionable dashboards and sophisticated analytics across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

vRealize Log Insight provides real-time automated Centralized Log Management of VxRail. It includes log monitoring, intelligent grouping, and analytics that simplify troubleshooting across VxRail’s physical, virtual, or cloud environments. A secure infrastructure must have centralized log management. VxRail integrates seamlessly with SIEMs and logging facilities that customers own using the industry-standard Syslog protocol. Machine-generated data is growing in volume and scale. It isn’t easy to make sense of this overwhelming amount of data. Intelligent querying and intuitive visualization of your VMware SDDC, VMware Cloud, and multi-clouds provide actionable solutions and faster root cause analysis. vRealize log insight is used on-premise or as a subscription for flexible usage and visibility across public clouds.

VMware vRealize Log Insight Features

  • Universal Log Collection & Analytics: For enterprise-wide visibility, connect to everything in your IT environment–operating systems, applications, storage, firewalls, and network devices.
  • Integration with vRealize Operations: Integrate with vRealize Operations to increase operational visibility and proactive management abilities across applications and infrastructure.
  • VMware Cloud Knowledge Built-In: With VMware Log Insight Cloud technology support, you can enable a centralized analysis of all aspects of your IT environment.
  • Easy Deployment & Intuitive GUI: You can efficiently run interactive and deep analytic queries to quickly gain insights that offer immediate value and improve IT efficiency.
  • Enterprise Scale: Log Insight performed three times faster in recent internal testing than the leading query solution across 1,000,000 log messages.
  • Flexible Consumption: You can choose between SaaS or on-premises licensing. You can consume standalone as part vRealize Suite or as a subscription through the realize cloud Universal.

VMware vRealize Log Insight Key Benefits

  • Rapid Troubleshooting and Analysis: Innovative indexing and machine-learning-based intelligent grouping are available to facilitate high-performance searching and quickly identify anomalies across infrastructures and apps.
  • Adopt a DevOps Mindset: vRealize Log insight Cloud allows you to run health checks against your infrastructure, applications, and native public clouds to improve the digital experience for users.
  • Scalable Analytics: Automatically identify and collect structure from machine-generated, unstructured log files (including application logs. network traces. and configuration files). To create a high-performance index that is used for scalable analytics.
  • Log Management at DevOps Speed: You can see how VMware vRealize Log Insight Cloud assists DevOps teams in overcoming obstacles that prevent them from improving quality, operational efficiency, or root cause analysis.
  • Encourage Rapid Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis:

Innovative indexing and machine-learning-based Intelligent Grouping provide high-performance searching that allows faster troubleshooting in physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

  • Monitor and Manage Machine Data at Scale:

This tool analyzes large amounts of log data and provides near-real-time monitoring, search, and analytics. It also includes a dashboard that displays stored queries, reports, and alerts that accelerates the correlation of events across an entire IT environment.

  • From Unstructured Data, Create Structure:

Automatically identifies the structure in machine-generated log data. It includes application logs, network traces, configuration files, messages, and performance data to create a high-performance index to perform analytics.

  • Lower Operating Expenses:

It offers a predictable pricing model, which includes unlimited data. Licenses are not required to be purchased based on peak usage or worst-case scenarios.

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VRealize Log Insight is a log collection and virtual analysis appliance that gives administrators access to Syslog data and allows them to manage, inspect, and analyze it. Application logs, network traces, configuration files, messages, and performance data are all tracked by Log Insight.

At the end of the trial, the vRealize Log Insight Cloud service transitions to a free subscription that includes VMware Cloud core functionality. There is no charge for these features.

Expand the main menu and go to Administration > System Monitor. If vRealize Log Insight is running as a cluster, click View Resources and select the node you want to monitor.

 vRealize Log Insight Cloud is part of the VMware Cloud suite of services. Use this service to develop advanced analytics to help you quickly troubleshoot your SDDC or VMware Cloud on an AWS environment.

vRA allows deployment services in the private vSphere cloud. vRA allows administrators, developers, and users to request services and manage resources without violating business policies. Process requests through a shared catalog of services to provide a consistent user experience.

You do this by integrating your storage array with VMware’s vRealize Automation (vRA) and vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) products. That allows users to design and leverage storage products to serve their business case best.