vCloud Tech and Vmware Collaborate to Advance Digital Transformation by Offering an Integrated Hybrid Cloud Experience

VMware is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, enabling organizations to accelerate their digital transformation journey. With a rich history of innovation and a robust suite of solutions, VMware empowers businesses to build, manage, and optimize their cloud infrastructure seamlessly. VMware enhances the capabilities of your dispersed workforce by seamlessly integrating Intel vPro-powered PCs with VMware Workspace ONE. This integration provides improved security, management, and device support, regardless of location. VMware's anywhere workspace integrated solutions assist in expanding your virtual desktop infrastructure and securing remote work environments. They empower employee productivity, enable cost control, and provide uncompromised security at the edge. The partnership between VMware and vCloud Tech represents a commitment to delivering innovative cloud solutions that empower organizations to achieve their digital transformation goals. Together, they will continue to shape the future of cloud infrastructure, ensuring that businesses can thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Solutions and ExpertiesUnleash High-Performance Infrastructure with Vmware Products

VMware vSphere+

VMware vSphere is the most recent release, and it reportedly includes VMware Tanzu, which enables IT administrators to get started with Kubernetes workloads quickly. Virtualization services are designed to lower IT costs by partitioning software from hardware.

VMware NSX

VMware NSX enables virtual cloud networking, a software-defined approach that allows network virtualization across multiple data centers and applications frameworks. NSX Data Center offers a range of network elements and services, including firewalls, load balancing, and VPN.

VMware vRealize and vCloud Suite

VMware's vRealize Suite provides Cloud Management products and offers Automation, operations log analytics, lifecycle management, and more on-premises. VMware vRealize Suite provides a management solution specifically designed for hybrid cloud and heterogeneous data centers.

VMware vRealize Log Insight

vRealize Log Insight provides real-time automated Centralized Log Management of VxRail. It includes log monitoring, intelligent grouping, and analytics that simplify troubleshooting across VxRail's physical, virtual, or cloud environments.

VMware Horizon

The VMware Horizon is a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution (VDI), the core component of VMware's digital workspace. It integrates with VMware NSX and VMware Workspace One to provide the tools and capabilities necessary for access from any device.

Carbon Black Endpoint Security

VMware Carbon Black Cloud is a cloud-native endpoint and workload protection platform (EPP and CWP). That provides all the intelligent system hardening and behavior prevention you need to keep emerging threats at bay in a single lightweight Integrate into agents and user-friendly console.


VMware's Feature Solutions:

  • Multi-Cloud Services:¬†VMware offers a comprehensive multi-cloud strategy, enabling organizations to run, manage, and secure their applications across multiple cloud environments. This approach ensures flexibility and agility in choosing the right cloud resources for specific workloads, whether on-premises or in public and private clouds.
  • Cloud Infrastructure:¬†VMware’s cloud infrastructure solutions provide a foundation for modern IT operations. They deliver the agility and scalability required to support dynamic workloads while maintaining the security and performance needed for critical applications.
  • Cloud Management: VMware’s cloud management tools, including vRealize Suite, simplify the management of complex cloud environments. These solutions offer Automation, analytics, and optimization capabilities, enabling organizations to deploy and manage resources efficiently.
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery:¬†VMware’s disaster recovery solutions ensure business continuity by providing reliable data protection and recovery services. With features like Site Recovery Manager, organizations can minimize downtime and data loss in an outage or disaster.
  • Cloud Foundation:¬†VMware Cloud Foundation is an integrated cloud infrastructure platform that combines computing, storage, networking, and cloud management into a single stack. It streamlines deployment and management, making building and operating a private cloud or hybrid cloud environment easier.
  • vSAN (Virtual SAN):¬†vSAN is VMware’s software-defined storage solution that delivers high-performance, scalable, cost-effective storage for virtualized environments. It simplifies storage management and ensures data availability and resilience.
Data Security vmware

Partnership with vCloud Tech

VMware and vCloud Tech offer IT organizations a route to digital transformation by ensuring uniform infrastructure and operations in data centers and public clouds. They enable the connection, security, and acceleration of applications and data, regardless of location. VMware has forged a strategic partnership with vCloud Tech to enhance its cloud offerings further. This collaboration aims to leverage vCloud Tech's expertise in cloud services and technology integration to deliver even more value to customers. With vCloud Tech's deep understanding of multi-cloud environments and cloud disaster recovery, VMware can extend its capabilities to meet the evolving needs of businesses.

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