vCloud Tech offers VMware Cloud Foundation services to our government customers. As it is the best hybrid IT cloud platform for managing orchestrating containers and VMs built on full-stack HCI technology. VMware Cloud Foundation allows government agencies to utilize a single architecture. That is simple to deploy, enables secure, consistent infrastructure, & allows operations across private and public cloud environments. With VMware Cloud Foundation, Government organizations enhance their operational agility & flexibility with the hybrid cloud that delivers it all.
In addition, VMware Cloud Foundation design gives organizations an integrated SDDC platform for their public and private cloud environments. In order to deliver enterprise-ready cloud-based infrastructure with improved automation and management capabilities. That simplifies your operations and provides consistent plans across public and private cloud environments. VMware Cloud Foundation integrates VMware's storage, network virtualization, computing, and cloud management systems into a single, integrated stack. VCF suite includes vSphere Management Assistant, vSAN, vRealize Network Insight, SDDC manager, and NSX Data Center.


Simplified Management

Boost flexibility, execution, and accessibility for your organization’s Kubernetes clusters with incorporated container orchestration.


Intrinsic Security

VMware Cloud Foundation guarantees enterprise-level security with VMware’s full-stack hyper-converged infrastructure platform that combines traditional VM and modern container workloads.

Increased Scale And IT Efficiency

By extending the same operations, tools, infrastructure, and processes everywhere. VMware Cloud Foundation enables Government agencies to operate all of their workloads on-premises or in private and public cloud environments.

Standardized Architecture

Boost flexibility, execution, and accessibility for your organization’s Kubernetes clusters with incorporated container orchestration provided by vSphere with Tanzu.

Boost App Performance

Automate your hyper-converged infrastructure delivery with the best-in-class storage, networking, computing, and management tools used in your data center. In addition, Deliver operational easiness and lower total cost of ownership.

Flexible Deployment Options

Access the broadest deployment options with VMware Cloud Foundation across public and private cloud environments. Choose from manually managed and as-a-service alternatives for hyper-converged infrastructure.


VMware SDDC Manager

The VMware Software-defined Data Center (SDDC) Manager conducts lifecycle management to ensure that software components are kept up to date. While managing the creation and administration of your workload domains to oversee the setup of the VMware Cloud Foundation system. SDDC Manager also observes the logical and physical resources of VMware VCF. As organizations grow their Cloud Foundation system by adding racks or hosts. SDDC Manager permits IT data center administrators to configure the additional frames and hosts into a logical pool of assets. As a result, the available racks and hosts for assigning the workload domains' storage, computing, and networking resources consolidate. It further makes managing a single Cloud Foundation system easier for different frames. The solution leverages these processes by using workflows comprising tasks that the SDDC Manager executes.
SDDC Manager ensures that if any high-level task, such as an upgrade, fails or bring-up. It can identify the precise point of failure and resume the process from that point onward. SDDC Manager for virtual machines includes multiple tools, each responsible for the numerous APIs offering development management for the SDDC. The SDDC Manager Controller virtual machine consists of the logic for deploying the software stack. Overseeing hardware tasks, handling workload domains, and performing lifecycle management.

VMware vSphere+

VMware vSphere Management Assistant is the industry-leading compute network virtualization platform. Designed to be your first step to application digital modernization. Over 70 million workloads worldwide have benefited from the architecture of vSphere using native Kubernetes tools. Operate your organization's applications modern containerized system. That runs alongside existing enterprise app systems in a simple and unified manner utilizing vSphere with Tanzu. VMware vSphere with Tanzu delivers a developer-ready infrastructure. Where your organization’s IT teams can drop in enterprise-grade Kubernetes tools on your existing infrastructure within an hour.
Align DevOps tools and IT operations teams, and simplify cloud operations. With vSphere, you can scale without compromise and deliver industry-leading VMs. vSphere allows businesses to scale their infrastructure to support 50% more hosts per group. In addition, VMware vSphere simplifies your IT operations and delivers an AI and machine learning infrastructure using your GPUs. vSphere design gives your systems simple software, patching, and firmware updates, and it secures your hybrid cloud infrastructure by utilizing intrinsic security.

VMware vSAN

vSAN is VMware’s enterprise-class storage virtualization software solution. With VMware vSphere Management Assistant, organizations can manage and compute their storage with a unified platform. With vSAN, enhance your business IT agility by evolving your operations with an integrated hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solution, which speeds up your IT operations and lowers costs. vSAN fully incorporates VMware VCF as a distributed software layer within the VMware ESXi hypervisor.
vSAN accumulates direct-attached or local data storage devices to create a unified storage pool shared across all your organization’s hosts in a vSAN cluster. The hybrid VMware vSAN cluster utilizes flash devices for the magnetic drives and cache tier for the capacity tier. vSAN’s all-flash cluster utilizes flash devices for both the capacity and cache tiers. This architecture establishes a flash-optimized, robust shared datastore built for a software-defined data center (SDDC). vSAN eradicates your organization’s need for external shared data storage and streamlines storage structure through Storage Policy-Based Management (SPBM). vSAN utilizes virtual machine (VM) storage tools and policies so your organization can define its storage capabilities and requirements.

VMware NSX Data Center

NSX Data Center is VMware’s network virtualization and security solution, which is a part of VMware VCF and allows organizations with a virtual cloud network and a software-defined approach to networking that reaches public or private cloud data centers, and other organizational application frameworks. NSX Data Center combines your organization’s networking and security operations even closer to your applications wherever they are running, from virtual machines (VMs) to containers to bare metal. Like the operational model of virtual machines, with NSX Data Center, your organizational networks can be provisioned and managed individually of the essential hardware.

VMware vRealize Suite

vRealize Network Insight Suite is VMware’s purpose-built management solution for heterogeneous data center and hybrid IT cloud environments. vRealize Suite delivers and manages your organization’s network infrastructure and applications to increase your business’ IT agility while maintaining control. vRealize provides the complete management stack for public and private cloud environments, physical infrastructure, and multiple hypervisor systems. In addition, the solution helps organizations with automating installation, upgrade, configuration, patch, configuration management, drift remediation, and health from within a single unified vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager interface.

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