Why vCloud Tech?Great Value of .NET Development Tools for Performance Tuning and Debugging

Red Gate¬†.NET Developer¬†Bundle comprises three tools focused on aiding you in writing efficient and high-quality software. It allows you to quickly learn the code, regardless of whether it’s your code or a third party and also maximizes both the speed and consumption you can get from the .NET application. Red Gate .NET Developer Bundle can also help you understand how your .NET application interacts with SQL Server and Oracle databases and how these interactions affect the application’s performance.

Red Gate .NET Developer Bundle includes ANTS Performance Profiler Pro, ANTS Memory Profiler and .NET Reflector VSPro. Software quality is enormous, particularly for professionals who develop and test software. So we’re offering the complete .NET Developer Bundle at less than the cost of the separate tools.

The .NET Developer Bundle includes these .NET tools features:

  • Instant feedback on the performance of your application Get instant feedback on application performance. Use the interactive timeline feature to evaluate the use of CPU by the .NET and ASP.NET application, and then highlight the problem areas so that you can focus on the critical information.
  • You can drill down to the slowest lines of code using Line-level timings – Profile# and any .NET code line-by-line with precise timing data to identify problems in a flash. The code with the highest cost is automatically highlighted for rapid visual examination.
  • Group methods based on HTTP requests Database activity and code are separated through HTTP requests, revealing issues with performance on particular web pages.
  • Go directly to the slowest method. The call tree displays the performance information for each technique and highlights the most costly forms and database queries.
  • Find out what happens when your application code and database interact. Learn the way the .NET, as well as ASP.NET code, creates database queries and how those queries work. ANTS Performance Profiler supports SQL Server and Oracle databases, no matter if they are remote or local.
  • Decompile code from third-party developers – Find bottlenecks within 3rd party components and framework assemblies with integrated de-complication powered by .NET Reflector.

With this bundle of .NET development tools, you get the following benefits:

  • Quality software that you can release and be proud of
  • Send your application on time
  • Be aware of the program you’re working on (yours or assemblies from third-party sources)
  • Standardize performance management across your¬†.Net¬†development¬†team
  • ANTS Performance Profiler Pro
  • ANTS Memory Profiler
  • .NET Reflector VSPro
  • Achieving a higher level of performance for your entire team to create better code is beneficial and great for the team’s leaders. Reduce mistakes and increase consistency by using standard styles and snippets of code that increase your team’s confidence throughout each release.
  • By incorporating the best practices and guidelines into your team’s workflow, Team Leaders can seamlessly onboard new members without spending time with documents.


  • Reducing the time your team spends working on manual tasks. And code reviews allow them to focus on more valuable (and more satisfying) work.
  • Collaboration between teams is seamless thanks to improved transparency of changes to source control and the capability to send formatting styles and other snippets in the cloud.

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¬†It’s intended to provide tools for development and deployment that are as versatile as the development and DevOps teams that use them. In addition, Redgate Deploy accelerates the development of small database systems, such as Smooth scaling, to enable team-based development of microservice systems and enterprise databases.


Redgate is a leading provider of software solutions for Compliant Database DevOps. We have specialized in database software for over 20 years. Today, our products help 800,000 people in all organizations worldwide, from small businesses to 91% of the Fortune 100.

Bottom line: Oracle ADW has more built-in features, and a stronger SaaS feel than Redshift, making it very easy for non-technical users to perform ad-hoc analysis.

Download free SQL Server tools from Redgate to search databases, manage scripts, and more.

That includes comparing and understanding schema and data differences, retrieving changes from version control databases, deploying changes from version control repositories, and generating manual update scripts. Includes tools and features that facilitate

Most Redgate tools are licensed per user. That means that as a Redgate licensee, you have the right to install that license on as many computers as you want. So, for example, if you use your support in your office, your home laptop, and your VMs.