Why vCloud Tech?When your store needs attention, Monnit alerts you and Stop Loss while Boost Efficiency

There are always issues with running a store. One of the biggest challenges is protecting the inventory. By using¬†Monnit Remote Monitoring Systems¬†for Grocery and Convenience Stores, you can track the performance of sensors in real-time to ensure your stock’s safety and control the food temperature probe, AC meters, and water detection with no physical in the area. It provides an overview of what’s happening all over your Grocery Stores. In addition, it assists you in transforming sensor data by condition monitors into sophisticated analytics that enhance efficiency across your business, increase production, and provide retail solutions.

Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions

Checking temperatures to ensure you protect your employees and customers and adhere to standards is easy with real-time alerts and time-stamped automated data logging. However, FDA Food Modernization Act (FMA) demands can be challenging. Set Monnit sensors to get to work and speed-track compliance with FMA, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR); Electronic Records; Electronic Signatures (ERES); Hazard Analysis as well as Critical Control Point (HACCP), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and many more.

Keep your employees and shoppers relaxed by using The ALTA Temperature Sensor, which monitors temperature conditions between 40degC (-40degF) and up to +125 degC (+257degF).

The ALTA Wireless infrared motion and Occupancy Sensor can aid in monitoring backrooms with restricted access to receiving and storage spaces, checkout counter activity, employee time clocks, and much more 24/7.

Vital parts of your wireless convenience store monitoring solution.

This sensor can help you protect assets and areas around your store. ALTA Wireless Water Detection Puck is the best method to examine puddles that accumulate around the bathroom fixtures, drink dispensers and even leak refrigeration sections. The Water rope Sensor detects the presence of water on pipes or walls and walkways with a 10-foot rope that is conductive. It also has the option of adding additional 10-foot sections.

ALTA AC Current Meter to check the amount of power consumed in your retail store. Connect a meter to the hot wire to track HVAC performance, lights-up and balers, digital signage vending machines, point of sale (POS) stations, beverage dispensers, refrigeration, and more. Pick from 20 Amp, 150 Amp and 500 Amp options, set the meters within 15 minutes, and then take charge of your electricity bill.

Monnit is committed to being the leading company in the world in the generation of data from the factors that enhance your company’s performance. Monitoring Solutions let you quickly access information and analyze it effectively and efficiently.

Variety of sensors:

  • 80 kinds of sensors are utilized to monitor the operation of intelligent retail systems.

Remote monitoring:

  • Remote monitoring via the use of wireless sensors as well as¬†Monnit’s web-based monitoring service alerts¬†in near-real-time is sent via text message, email or voice when the conditions indicate assets are at risk like machines, perishable goods, or any other resource.

Exceptional wireless range:

  • The optimized RF communications platform provides a more excellent wireless range for large coverage areas.

Global RF frequencies:

  • These devices run at the frequency of 800 MHz

Long-lasting, low power:

  • Outstanding power management.
  • 10+ years of power generated by two AA batteries or an industrial lithium battery (5 plus years when the battery is a coin-cell)


  • If the equipment was removed from or added to an area of work, the sensors might be added to an asset or saved for use shortly.

Monnit Secure encryption using Encrypt-RF:

  • Security integrated on the level of banks (256-bit exchange and AES-128 CTR on all messages)
Superior wireless range:
  • 1000 feet or more of non-line-of-sight is between 12 and 14 walls.
Simple to use:
  • The user-friendly interface makes it easier to manage the management of the system.
Low cost:
  • Affordable wireless sensors.
  • Free sensors monitor online and receive a notification.
Easy Installation:
  • Installation takes only a couple of minutes.
  • The¬†wireless sensors from Monnit¬†are ready to be taken straight out of their box.
  • No previous experience in technology is required to set sensors in networks (install sensors in desired areas and then turn them off).
Memory for data onboard:
  • You can keep up to 512 reads per sensor. The storage capacity can last weeks, days, and even months of stamped data logs.
Future-proof investment:
  • “Over the air” (OTA) update allows devices to update remotely
100% comprehensive solution:
  • No additional hardware, software or subscriptions need a monthly fee

With 80+¬†retail IoT sensors, you can get real-time alerts and digital data logs for anything–temperature increases/decreases, refrigeration performance, machine maintenance, a door left open, water leaks, HVAC issues, or even motion after hours. But, of course, business as usual is the same by using Monnit Wireless Sensors for convenience and monitoring of grocery store shelves.

80+ sensors:

Monitor important conditions.

Wireless Gateways:

Transfer information from the software.

Software Choices:

Remote access to dashboards/ alerts.

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Keonn offers the most comprehensive, seamless, and cutting-edge set of RFID solutions to system integrators to improve customer shopping experiences at retail outlets and to monitor and trace things in warehouses, libraries, hospitals, and other locations.

  • RFID technology significantly decreases human error and automates data collection.
  • RFID enables tag reading without requiring a line of sight or item-by-item scans.
  • RFID readers can read multiple RFID tags at once, increasing productivity.

Asset tracking will assist you in predicting the asset requirements of your company (for example, maintenance). Asset tracking will boost accuracy and productivity in addition to efficiency and organization. You’ll be able to pinpoint the assets’ exact location and mode of operation.


If you need to be able to track assets automatically, RFID tags can be helpful. Keonn RFID asset tracking applications include: monitoring items packaged or contained in warehouse containers. Hospitals: Automatic asset location tracking within a specified radius.

An RFID system involves attaching RFID tags to objects, which transmit signals to readers processed by applications to produce real-time results for stock taking, inventory levels, transactions, or specific customer purchase order histories.

With an RFID system, RFID tags are implants on products that send signals to readers. Then, applications process these signals to produce real-time results for stock taking, inventory levels, transactions, or specific customer purchase order histories.

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