Why vCloud Tech?Platespin Automates Migrating Physical Or Virtual Servers Over The Network To Enterprise Cloud Platforms

PlateSpin Migrate automates migrating physical or virtual servers over the network to enterprise cloud platforms. It gives you a mature and proven solution for migrating, testing, and rebalancing workloads across infrastructure boundaries. PlateSpin Migrate is a powerful server portability solution that automates migrating servers over the network between physical machines, virtual hosts, and enterprise cloud platforms, all from a single point of control.

PlateSpin Migrate enables you to migrate servers across physical, virtual, image, and cloud infrastructures. When migrating such servers, PlateSpin Migrate refers to servers as workloads. A workload in this context is the aggregation of the software stack installed on the server: the operating system, applications, and middleware, plus any data that resides on the server volumes. PlateSpin Migrate provides enterprises and service providers with a mature, proven solution for migrating, testing, and rebalancing workloads across infrastructure boundaries. Some of the critical features in PlateSpin Migrate are anywhere-to-anywhere workload migration capabilities, horizontal scalability with up to 40 concurrently active migrations per individual PlateSpin Migrate server, zero service downtime during replication phases and near-zero service downtime during final cutover, and finally, the ability to thoroughly test a migrated workload before cutting it over in production. With PlateSpin Migrate, you can dramatically increase the Cloud Migration Software speed and success ratios, which help reduce the costs for your migration projects.

  • The Highest Automation Levels Available:

With the highest levels of automation available in a migration solution, you can quickly free up resources for other tasks.

  • Accelerate server migrations and reduce manual errors.
  • Support for Cloud Data Migration Tools to Azure and AWS.


  • Migration and Testing Together:

Only PlateSpin Migrate recognizes the need for testing as an essential key to success and includes testing in every server migration job.

  • Perform the migration only once, knowing it will work.
  • Immediately pinpoint problems, ensuring minimal downtime.


  • Broad Platform Support:

PlateSpin offers broad support for Windows and Linux operating systems.

  • Provide maximum scalability to tackle projects with thousands of server workloads.
  • Block-based transfers for all platforms enable quick transfers with minimum downtime.
  • Unlimited Testing Before Going Live: We let you test new workloads before they go live. And with the Server Sync technology in PlateSpin Migrate, you can even synchronize production changes that occurred during testing, so you don’t have to copy the workload repeatedly. Your Data Migration Tools will be much less stressful with the ability to test before you go live thoroughly.


  • Simultaneous Migration of Multiple Servers: We help you dramatically reduce the time required for large-scale server consolidation projects. PlateSpin Migrate performs multiple migrations – up to 40 – concurrently, which enables you to complete your server consolidation projects on time.


  • Automated Migration and Rebuilding Processes: We help you dramatically reduce the time required for hardware migration projects. We provide a fully automatic way to migrate multiple concurrent workloads to and from a wide range of physical and virtual containers. With PlateSpin Migrate, you will never have to rebuild and configure new servers manually.


  • Automatic Migration and Transformation Processes:

Unlike competing offerings, PlateSpin Migrate offers complete migration support – both Linux and Microsoft Windows, as well as both virtual and cloud-based migrations. Create a single process for all your migrations, including cloud migrations, and avoid using several different tools or rebuilding workloads manually.


  • Migrate Servers To The Cloud:

Moving to the cloud has never been easier. PlateSpin Migrate supports both Windows and Linux workloads and makes migrations to the cloud as easy as migrations to more traditional environments like VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V. Administrators with a basic knowledge of these conventional migration types will have no problem understanding the functionality in PlateSpin Migrate that allows them to migrate workloads to cloud platforms.


  • Automated Migration And Recovery Process:

We can help you significantly reduce the time it takes for your hardware migration project. It provides a fully automatic way to migrate multiple concurrent workloads to and from various physical and virtual containers. PlateSpin Migrate eliminates the need to rebuild and configure new servers manually.

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