Why vCloud Tech?ManageEngine OpManager Is The Most Known Monitoring Software For Networks

Networks are essential to every aspect of their operations. Therefore, monitoring networks is crucial for every company. Nowadays, networks are spread across the globe and have multiple connections between data centers that are geographically separate, private, and public clouds. It poses numerous challenges for managing networks.

Administrators of networks must be more responsive and flexible in monitoring the network’s performance. It’s a lot more challenging to say to be done. It is introducing ManageEngine OpManager, a simple-to-use and cost-effective system for monitoring networks. It is a Network Monitoring Tool that monitors devices such as switches, routers, load balancers, and firewalls. It also monitors wireless servers, LAN controllers, printers, VMs and storage units, and anything else connected to an IP address and links to the internet. ManageEngine OpManager monitors the network continuously and gives complete view and control. If you encounter a fault, it is easy to find and resolve the cause before your operations get affected.

  • Network Performance Management: Computer networks constitute the core of any IT infrastructure. Many businesses rely on web-based software, so users must be free of network issues. Therefore, monitoring and improving the network’s performance by using tools for managing networks is crucial to ensure that businesses remain operating throughout the day. It ensures that your service-level agreements (SLA) are in place and will provide the speedy and efficient delivery of crucial solutions. A network is vulnerable to various errors that could negatively impact its performance. Therefore, essential to be constantly observed to identify issues with implementation and avoid mishaps, thereby helping to ensure the smooth operation of crucial applications. Monitoring involves diagnosing and resolving network issues before they become apparent to the user and actively removing threats. When problems with network performance are discovered, the following is to optimize the network.


  • Monitor The Health Of All Network Devices: OpManager keeps track of the performance of all your network devices, including servers, switches, and routers, to ensure they’re always available. Critical metrics for network performance, like errors and disks, CPU utilization, disk utilization, memory utilization, and DB counts, are continuously monitored to keep your network’s health in good condition. Tools like Ping and Trace route are used to detect any issues that might be occurring. OpManager can also receive traps and system logs. It also alerts users when something goes wrong.


  • Enhance the Visibility Of Your Network Traffic By Using NetFlow: OpManager Monitoring Software allows both SNMP monitoring of devices and flow-based traffic monitoring on networks. OpManager can monitor SNMP performance to monitor the total IN/OUT flow across the various interfaces. For a more in-depth view of performance on the web, OpManager offers flow-based traffic monitoring that provides insight into the top bandwidth users and trends in network performance. It is compatible with various flow technologies, such as NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, IP FIX, cloud, and NetStream.


  • Automated Network Change And Configuration Management: Modifications in the network configuration made by unauthorized personnel could result in massive security threats. With OpManager, it’s now possible to back up the network configurations so that normal operations are returned in the event of a security incident. Also, it is feasible to automate routine actions using templates and scripts. OpManager has config lets that can be used for widely utilized configurations to aid in the management of networks quickly.


  • Monitoring Performance On The Network Is Simple: Many IT companies utilize numerous monitoring tools to monitor and control the operation of their networks. But, in the event of an issue, they must sift through several devices, GUIs, graphs, and reports to determine the issue’s root. ManageEngine OpManager is a Network Management application that provides continuous network monitoring in real-time and gives specific insights into the various troublesome aspects of the network. It lets you quickly pinpoint the issue’s root and address it soon. With ManageEngine OpManager, get complete transparency and analytics of your network infrastructure, including local devices, wireless network connections, WAN links, and devices that are not computers, such as printers and access points. OpManager offers integrated troubleshooting features that incorporate the ability to plan and manage configurations.
  • Real-Time Network Monitoring Solution: Over 2000 built-in network performance monitors to monitor health and key metrics such as packet loss, latency, speed, errors, and drops and analyze performance bottlenecks.


  • Physical And Virtual Server Monitoring: Monitor CPU, memory, and disk usage for Windows and Linux servers. It also monitors host and VM performance for VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, and Nutanix server virtualization platforms.


  • Multi-Level Threshold: Proactively monitor network performance with multiple levels of entries. Set various points for each critical performance monitor and get instant alerts on violations.


  • Customizable Dashboard: Evaluate standard dashboards or create your own with over 200 available performance widgets to see your network’s performance at a glance.


  • WAN Link Monitoring: Monitor key metrics such as latency, jitter, RTT, and packet loss to troubleshoot network issues. View hop-by-hop performance to pinpoint the cause of delays and fix them quickly.


  • Affordable And Easy To Set Up: ManageEngine OpManager does not require costly consulting or training for installation or user training. It’s the only network monitoring tool that offers a transparent, device-based pricing model.
  • Monitoring Of Networks At The Move:

Most Network Monitoring Software available today cannot integrate a mobile app. ManageEngine OpManager is a real-time monitoring software for networks that offer mobile applications that work on Android, iPhone, and iPad to allow you to monitor your network, conduct basic troubleshooting and receive alerts and keep you up-to-date with the performance and availability that your devices are running from your own home or on your commute. Make your dashboard customizable to give you a view of the situation of your network. It will also display crucial metrics at-a-glance.

ManageEngine OpManager ManageEngine OpManager, take control of your network using vital knowledge of:


  • Alarms are generated by OpManager using severity-based categorization.
  • Device performance.
  • List of devices that are not working.
  • The health of the IT infrastructure in its entirety.
  • The health of devices in an overview of business maps.


  • Application Performance Monitoring Made Easy:

Applications Manager is application performance monitoring software that provides a comprehensive insight into the performance and user experience of business-critical applications and infrastructure components. It helps you quickly isolate and resolve performance issues across your application stack, from URLs to lines of code, with minimal overhead before they impact your customers. Organizations of all sizes use Applications Manager to improve and automate their IT and DevOps processes, ensure optimal end-user experience, and drive better business outcomes.


  • Enables Uninterrupted Container Monitoring:

Proactively monitor all service levels of Docker and Kubernetes deployments, including container and single clusters. Accelerate problem detection and resolve issues before end users are impacted.

  • Track key metrics such as cache memory, number of page faults detected, and memory usage details. Ensure proper connectivity between containers and their hosts by identifying and eliminating transaction bottlenecks in network traffic.
  • Trigger appropriate container actions such as start/stop/restart. Use configuration reports to understand the details of essential container metrics such as IP addresses, pathnames, and hostnames.

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OpManager is an IT operations management solution that proactively hardens your network. Performance, storage, bandwidth, configuration changes, compliance, and security. It is 100% web-based and supports various vendors and technologies.

ManageEngine OpManager is a network management solution that includes network and server monitoring, bandwidth analysis, configuration management, and fault management. This solution is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Network monitoring tools collect and analyze network data to determine the state of network devices, link saturation, most active devices, network traffic structure, or network problems and traffic. Provides network administrators with information about the cause of the anomaly.

Endpoint Central (formerly Desktop Central) is an integrated endpoint management and security solution that helps you manage your servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets from a central location. This latest version of desktop management can grow with your business needs.

 These workstations are secure by default as they are configured to encrypt data at rest, set strong passwords, and lock when idle. In addition, mobile devices for business use are registered in the mobile device management system and confirmed to meet security standards.

Endpoint Central is unified endpoint management (UEM) and security software that perfectly meets the needs of IT administrators. Helps IT, administrators with patch management, software deployment, mobile device management, operating system deployment, and troubleshooting devices with remote control.