Why vCloud Tech?It Enhances the Customer Experience and Optimizes Business Processes at Retail Stores and Other Spaces

Keonn offers system integrators the most comprehensive, seamless, and sophisticated range of RFID solutions that enhance the shopping experience of customers in retail stores as well as trace and track objects in libraries, warehouses, hospitals, and other spaces. Reflect RFID is the ITL’s software program, designed to facilitate POC trials and Retail roll-outs. Its SaaS Cloud based structure lets it seamlessly integrate with RFID readers and POS systems, which means that the results can be reviewed and immediately acted upon without having to alter the current ERP structure. With lower costs for implementation and a broader array of applications, the reason to implement RFID to increase inventory accuracy and improve the availability of shelves has never been more evident. Deciding whether RFID adoption is a good fit for your company requires careful analysis and thought process.

It can also provide consultation and advice; Keonn assists you in calculating the return on investment using its simple ROI calculator. It allows testing the concept to experience first-hand the benefits of using RFID. A successful RFID adoption involves integration with a variety of crucial elements. Finding a reliable partner who can help you navigate the process of evaluating, adopting, and future-proofing the investment is vital. They can offer guidance in various crucial areas, ensuring that your implementation isn’t just the most effective at the roll-out phase but will offer you the most benefits throughout the entire journey.

  • Eliminating Waste: Businesses use RFID to find and destroy the inefficiencies hindering growth and profit.


  • Fuel RFID Deployments: Companies in the oil and gas industry are embracing radio frequency identification technologies to manage inventory and assets, increase the efficiency of maintenance and drilling operations and safeguard workers in hazardous environments.


  • Enhance The Shopping Experience:By Making a distinctive and appealing customer experience.


  • Reduce Obstacles with Technology:A more visible entrance, efficient checkouts, and a dynamic fitting room process.


  • Enhance Sales by Recommending:Personalized and a contextualized shopping experience that improves sales.
  • Simple, quick, and efficient encoder.


  • Standalone encodes are available anywhere.


  • Compatible with both hard tags as well as paper tags.


  • Reduced mistakes in tag encoding.


  • Password security.


  • No modifications to current retail systems are required.


  • Windows as well as Android compatible.


  • Functionality that can be scaled and adjusted.


  • Analysis of business cases/ROI calculation.


  • Proof of concept and pilot testing.


  • A variety of standard and custom tags and bespoke inlays and tags.


  • Global Print and Encoding Service bureaus.


  • Hardware and software solutions at no cost.

The Insider Guide to Working With RFID:

Instead of a lengthy whitepaper that makes you feel lost, Keonn’s 184-page guide provides an easy-to-understand approach to Radio Frequency Identification and its fundamental concepts. The book focuses on individual system components such as antennas, tags, readers, and cables and will explain how they interact to form a seamless system.


RFID Roadmap:

The most sought-after source to this point has been Keonn’s RFID Roadmap. If you’re brand new to RFID or slightly rusty about certain aspects, the RFID Roadmap will assist you in getting started. With ten distinct RFID subjects and two distinct routes to learning, the RFID Roadmap is crucial to understanding RFID fundamentals, concepts for beginners, and hardware functions.


RFID-Based Solutions to Integrators of Systems:

Keonn offers system integrators the most comprehensive, seamless, and sophisticated range of RFID solutions that improve the shopping experience of customers in retail stores as well as trace and track items in libraries, warehouses, hospitals, warehouses, and other areas.

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