Why vCloud Tech?Get the complete overview of your hardware server client, virtual cloud, or software assets from purchase until disposal

Ivanti Neurons for ITAM consolidates your IT asset information and allows you to monitor how you configure, optimize, and effectively manage your assets over their entire life cycle. The software’s flexible design lets you establish and implement your workflows or use existing procedures. Through Ivanti Neurons for ITAM, you have a comprehensive view of¬†assets management software¬†and hardware assets, allowing you to reduce costs and increase efficiency throughout the entire lifecycle of asset management.¬†

Ivanti has created solutions to help you meet and satisfy the demands of your customers who manage your company. The IT team positions to optimize the offerings and services provided by other departments. Work with them and use the potential of your¬†ITSM tools¬†to create and deliver new services. Learn how Ivanti can help you improve your services’ efficiency beyond IT by using Ivanti’s IT tool to manage services.

Ivanti Neurons ITSM Features

  • Lifecycle tracking:¬†

A consistent asset management system from purchase order through procurement delivery, receipt, deployment, and disposal.

  • Asset repository:¬†Maintain track of all the information about your assets, such as identifying information, lifecycle status inventory, location, and warranty details.
  • Catalogue of Products: Viewability into the assets that purchase and assign and analyze current inventory levels as well as active orders to speed up time to supply while reducing phone calls.
  • Controlling costs and contracts Visibility:¬†Report on IT expenditure and determine and track the age of assets and value. Monitor and monitor contracts effectively and make informed choices for negotiations on agreements.
  • Barcode scanning:¬†speeds up data retrieval by scanning assets to find or alter information and multiple objects to aid asset tracking.
  • Management of Vendors:¬†Keep data about the vendor and its performance on scorecards for vendors to ensure that you manage strategically-oriented vendors.
  • Cloud-based:¬†hosted on Ivanti’s cloud-based multi-tenant technology platform. ISO 27001 certified. Ivanti Neurons for ITAM are also available on the premises.
  • IT report: Make stunning dashboards from IT asset information.
  • Automation:¬†Use automation throughout all of your systems in IT.
  • Increase efficiency:¬†Reduce time and decrease the amount of time you dedicate to managing assets.
  • Stop overspending:¬†Reduce time to repair, improve productivity, and get a clear image of the IT environment to aid in better decision-making.
  • Reduce risk:¬†Beware of security risks and financial risks. Reduce theft and loss, install updates and ensure that your assets appropriately use.

Actionable and accurate insight into assets

Instant discovery, automated reconciliation, and normalization can fill your repository of assets in just a few minutes.

  • Integration with Service Management

The asset repository integrates into your service management CMDB for the most current asset information, simple request management and enhanced service delivery.

  • Control assets using anyplace

Utilize a Mobile app for managing your IT resources in the field or at the office. Look for assets, add fields, look for issues, and take automatized actions swiftly.

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The ground-breaking Ivanti Neurons platform gives you unmatched control and administration over your Everywhere Workplace by automating and streamlining your IT. Real-time insights from Ivanti Neurons enable quicker, better decisions with previously unheard-of speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Ivanti Antivirus is made up of an antivirus agent scanner that is already built-in, a viral signature database that is regularly updated, and antivirus configuration choices and capabilities that are accessible through the Agent Settings interface. The security scanner agents for Patch and Compliance differ from the antivirus agent.

Secure access to data and apps on any device throughout your Everywhere Workplace is made possible with Ivanti Neurons for MDM.

Support and Maintenance are available from Ivanti for purchase on an annual basis. Support packages give you access to a resource who can respond to inquiries about setup, typical product configuration, and usage of your solution. In addition, you can download and use the most recent versions of the software you bought as long as Maintenance is in effect.

Ivanti Customer Success Portal can be accessed here. You may obtain a plethora of information about our goods here and file new cases, check on the status of existing issues, call us directly, and interact directly with us. NOTE: Before submitting a support case, you must sign up for Ivanti Community.

In all of its communications about its goods and services, Ivanti is committed to protecting user privacy. The Ivanti Privacy Policy contains a detailed explanation of our data collection and usage practices.

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