Why vCloud Tech?Protection Against Vulnerabilities With FortiGuard Integrated Security IPS

FortiGuard IPS is a robust and reliable intrusion prevention device that provides unbeatable performance and the breadth and depth of security coverage offered with FortiGuard Labs’ threat intelligence. The intrusion prevention system (IPS) is an essential element of security for networks to defend against current and new security vulnerabilities that affect servers and devices. It protects against sophisticated threats and offers a superior customer experience. IPS systems monitor every single piece of traffic, even encrypted data, with a low impact on performance.

FortiGuard AI/ML-powered IPS delivers near-real-time information that includes hundreds of intrusion-prevention rules that identify and block known and zero-day threats before they can reach your devices. Natively integrated across the Security Fabric, IPS delivers the industry’s highest performance end-to-end protection. FortiGuard IPS Security Service is available for NGFW (hardware, virtual machine, as-a-service), FortiClient, Forti Proxy, FortiADC, and our Cloud Sandbox. Combine our OT and IoT services to receive more special protection for operational technology and IoT devices.

  • Network-based virtual patching is a solution for business applications that are difficult to patch or cannot be fixed. It helps protect against attacks without disrupting the operation.


  • FortiGuard is speeded up to increase its IPS capabilities with Fortinet’s specially-designed software called the content processor (CP9) on the FortiGate for the best in IPS cost and performance.


  • IPS is extended to include features such as SSL analysis (including TLS 1.3) to spot hidden malware, ransomware, and other HTTPS-borne threats.


  • The latest version of dedicated IPS Updates from end-to-end is designed for reliable IPS administration, specifically designed for finance and other regulated deployments that allow the migration of different hardware and software to NGFW while keeping processes and practices for compliance.
  • Proven Security And Performance: You will benefit from the best threat intelligence and unbeatable performance.


  • Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning: FortiGuard Labs leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to provide quick, effective, and modern-day protection against known and zero-day attacks.


  • Virtual Patching And Vulnerability Scanning: Patching virtual on the network level safeguards against vulnerabilities that may be exploited using unpatched devices. Scans for vulnerabilities on a device such as a client, proxy, and WAF will provide you with the information you require to improve security.


  • Flexible Subscription-Based Service Across The Security Fabric: FortiGuard IPS Security Service provides integrated security protection for devices, networks, and cloud storage


  • Highest Performance And Value: FortiGate IPS has consolidated SSL encryption and offers the industry’s most secure computer rating, which can be as high as 23X.
  • FortiGuard Labs Global Threat Intelligence:

The information provided by the IPS service is sourced from the world-renowned FortiGuard Labs development team. FortiGuard Labs, an industry-leading security organization, has a unique approach to vulnerability research that combines application intelligence and IPS to offer highly efficient levels of security. With over 13,000 IPS-related signatures and more than 860 zero-day vulnerabilities acknowledged, FortiGuard Labs boasts one of the most significant security analysts and research teams in the market, with more than 215 expert analysts and researchers around the globe. The combination of our world-class analysis and research teams with our innovative and tested AI and ML technologies and our vast security intelligence network lets Fortinet provide the cutting-edge detection and protection that our customers require to protect themselves from, identify, and combat emerging threats from the beginning.


  • FortiGate Enterprise Firewalls:

With wireless and wired network support, single-pane-of-glass management, and full-time access, FortiGate firewalls also help simplify deployments and conserve IT resources. The FortiGuard services provide a full-featured network FortiGate Firewall, application controls, and the prevention of intrusion, sandboxing, and anti-malware and web filtering. FortiGate firewalls are designed for use in the enterprise edge, cloud and data centers, and remote and distributed places. FortiGate NGFWs are also installed in internal network segments to enhance threat detection and improve breach detection and mitigation to prevent the spread of uncontrolled threats in this network. FortiGate NGFWs deliver industry-leading enterprise security to any edge at any size, with complete security and visibility. Security can be integrated into an integrated IT architecture and create secure networks that accomplish:

  • High-speed protection, from end to end.
  • Real-time protection that is consistent with FortiGuard Services.
  • Fantastic user experience using security processing units.
  • Efficiency in operations and automated workflows.

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