Why vCloud Tech?Fully Automated Extended Detection and Response to Improve Your Security Operations

Fully automated incident identification, investigation, and remediation are added throughout that Security Fabric using FortiXDR, a cloud-native cross-product detection and response solution. As businesses become more aware of the shortcomings and frequent inefficiency of security infrastructures made up of numerous “best-of-breed” security products that have been gradually adopted from various vendors, XDR solutions are becoming increasingly common. A novel method of cybersecurity is Forti Xdr‚ÄĒcompletely automated incident identification, investigation, and handling throughout the Security Fabric. Use XDR and Consolidation to Take Charge of Security Operations. With point security technologies, advanced threats are hard, if possible, to identify. FortiXDR can assist in thwarting these attempts before a significant breach. With the help of patent-pending AI, FortiXDR may investigate further and initiate rapid cross-fabric steps to stop the attack and any subsequent activity by evaluating security feeds from your entire Security Fabric, correlating relevant events into incidents, and conducting additional investigations. Constructed upon the cloud-native basis of FortiEDR, it is effortlessly scalable and constantly refined by Fortinet specialists.

With FortiXDR, Unleash the Power of Proactive Protection

FortiXDR uses eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) to improve the Fortinet Security Fabric. To be more precise, it looks for possible security events by analyzing information streams from your Fortinet devices that are connected to security and audit. Artificial intelligence correlates these cross-platform feeds with incident reports. Organizations can predefine an automated cross-platform response based on the classification that is returned. Customers of FortiXDR can detect more attacks, contain them more quickly, and lessen the workload of security personnel handling alerts. FortiXDR supports pre-configured automated response synchronization between Fortinet and external products. What’s more, FortiXDR is the first XDR solution with patent-pending artificial intelligence trained to conduct incident investigations dynamically using microservices that mimic various portions of the process exactly like a security specialist. It is simple to implement and is constantly maintained by Fortinet specialists, thanks to its cloud-native basis.

Extended Detection 

FortiXDR has a carefully chosen and growing collection of analytics to reliably identify high-risk events and provide compelling metadata throughout the Security Fabric.

  • Brute Force / C2C / Network / Port Scanning / ARP Spoofing
  • Lateral movement / Data Exfiltration
  • Violated Passwords / Account
  • The Possible Phishing

AI-Powered Investigation 

Microservices that mimic the operations of expert analysts and help cross-platform remediation recipes FortiXDR’s Deep Learning engine dynamically reproduce various investigative methods.

  • Retrieve Threat Intel and Telemetry
  • Analyze files both dynamically and statically
  • Examine Other and Community Reputations
  • Construct and Evaluate Other Baselines and UEBA
  • Additional microservices

Extended, Automatable Response 

With the help of FortiXDR’s user-friendly framework, users may predefine and plan specific reaction actions depending on a variety of criteria, including:

  • Users and Groups
  • The incident’s type, severity, and scope
  • Remediation and Device Isolation
  • The expiry of credentials
  • Threat Intelligence Update

Third-Party Support 

FortXDR facilitates integration with non-Fortinet, API-supporting devices via connectors and various Fortinet products, such as firewalls, FortiGate, FortiNAC, FortiSandbox, FortiEMS, and more.

  • Services for Identity
  • Online ticketing systems
  • Brokers of Cloud Access Security (CASB)
  • Workload Protection Platforms in the Cloud
  • Sandboxes on Networks
  • Lakes of Data

Security Fabric Integration 

FortiXDR connects with numerous Security Fabric components and makes use of the Fortinet Security Fabric architecture:

  • FortiGate:¬†after an infiltration attack, direct increased response steps like suspending or blocking an IP address.
  • FortiNAC:¬†immediate increased reaction steps, like device isolation
  • FortiSandbox:¬†exchanging threat intelligence and real-time event analysis and classification
  • FortiSIEM:¬†provides warnings and events for centralized reporting and monitoring
  • FortiGuard Labs:¬†enhance events to facilitate inquiry

Reduce Alert Volume: 

Using analytics to analyze the Security Fabric’s linked telemetry, FortiXDR can convert 75% of the cross-platform security information and alerts into high-fidelity incident detections.

Speed Mean Time to Detection: 

FortiXDR classifies security occurrences in less than 30 seconds by automating the investigative process with the help of deep-learning artificial intelligence.

Speed of Response: 

With FortiXDR, clients may predefine response flows that automate a coordinated response depending on incident type, severity, and scope, as well as impacted users and groups.

Free-Up Security Teams: 

Skilled security professionals may take on more strategic tasks, such as evaluating cyber threats, organizational risk exposure, and opportunities to strengthen security posture, thanks to the decrease in alert volume, the use of AI for investigation, and the automation of response actions.

Incremental Investment: 

FortiXDR adds value to every FortiGate customer by providing high-value detections from the combination of network and endpoint telemetry. For an even higher return on their Fortinet investment, clients can extend their Fortinet Security Fabric over time to include email, online apps, cloud, and more.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

In contrast to SIEM, XDR is equipped with reaction solutions. SIEM focuses on threat detection rather than threat response, even though it can integrate with a response solution. An SIEM system, such as FortiSIEM, can be a better option than XDR if you want to customize your response to security risks specifically. Sometimes, even when a threat doesn’t represent a threat, XDR may nevertheless recognize it and react to it automatically. Such an impulsive reaction can be detrimental to your company. Because SIEM allows you to choose your response to every threat, you can avoid pausing activities unnecessarily.

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR)

Although SOAR can help coordinate security policies and reporting, it can also provide similar functions to XDR in identifying and addressing threats within its ecosystem. FortiSOAR is a potentially better option than XDR if your effective threat response is matched with the need for a system that aids in the overall application of security regulations. While there is no guarantee that an XDR solution will outperform your current one, it might take longer to implement than you have available on top of an efficient threat response system.

Analytics, AI, and Automation

Analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation enable FortiXDR’s self-driving outcomes from start to finish. FortiGuard Labs’ exclusive threat detection and correlation analytics continuously scan security streams for unusual activity. After that, the AI-driven decision engine acts with expertise to thoroughly examine and assess every possible occurrence. Ultimately, pre-established policies perform remedial and blocking actions according to risk exposure, user group, event classification, and other factors.

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FortiXDR (Extended Detection and Response) is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution offered by Fortinet. It is designed to provide advanced threat detection, response, and remediation capabilities to protect organizations from cyber threats.

FortiXDR collects and analyzes data from various security sources, including endpoints, networks, and cloud environments. It uses advanced AI and machine learning to detect and respond to real-time security threats. The solution offers automated threat hunting and orchestration, enabling a rapid response to incidents.

FortiXDR is important for organizations as it enhances their cybersecurity posture by providing proactive threat detection and rapid response capabilities. It helps organizations reduce the time and effort required to identify and mitigate security incidents, thus minimizing potential damage and data breaches.

FortiXDR is a scalable solution that can be tailored to the needs of different organizations, including small businesses. It can be a valuable addition to the security infrastructure of small and medium-sized enterprises.

FortiXDR can detect and respond to a wide range of threats, including malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, data breaches, insider threats, and other forms of cyberattacks.

FortiXDR can be deployed in both cloud-based and on-premises environments, depending on the organization’s specific requirements.