Why vCloud Tech?Extreme Defense simplifies the management of monitoring, security, and management of WLAN networks.

The Extreme¬†Defender for IoT¬†platform simplifies your WLAN networks’ management, monitoring, and protection. Especially for traditional wired devices that must run in rooms, buildings, and even campuses. Balance your existing security infrastructure by adding inline defences to your IoT. It can also be deployed across your network infrastructure, enabling secure IoT management without significant changes to your network. The platform supports three essential functions Security and Compliance, Network Assurance, and Proximity Awareness and Analytics within a modular architecture, maximizing deployment flexibility and minimizing implementation costs.

Wireless connectivity offers a unique opportunity to communicate in new and powerful ways but also brings vulnerabilities, complexities, and management challenges. Getting the most out of your wireless network without compromising the security of your users and your business requires the right tools. So, Extreme Defense simplifies the protection, monitoring, and compliance of your wireless LAN network. Extreme Defense continuously protects his network from external threats 24/7, and if an attack occurs, he alerts IT and staff so they can respond immediately.

  • Defense Wireless IPS:¬†Accurately detect wireless vulnerabilities and anomalous network activity. Minimize false positives with a context-aware detection, correlation, and multi-dimensional detection engine.
  • Keep your network safe:¬†With a comprehensive¬†security solution for iot and customizable policy settings, So the system automatically responds to nearly 200 wireless threats, reducing the chances of damaging your network.
  • Meet regulatory requirements:¬†Our advanced forensics engine maintains the highly accurate historical data required by HIPAA, GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and many other regulations.

A Comprehensive Wireless Intrusion Prevention System benefits:

  • Centralizes management across several thousands of sensors ‚Äď including sensor configuration and sensor firmware management
  • Certainly, Supports both dedicated and radio-share sensing modes
  • Certainly, Performs active monitoring of Bluetooth devices for detecting skimmers that attempt to open up a hole in the network

Highly Scalable Architecture:

With the proliferation of end-user devices. And exponential growth in the number of IoT firewall devices, wireless security systems must keep up with this massive increase in devices over the air. Extreme Defense appliances have a highly scalable architecture that scales across multiple cores on multi-core servers and multiple servers while providing a single graphical console for managing the entire system. Packet analysis is split between the sensor and the appliance, and only critical security information is passed to the device to minimize the bandwidth required for sensor-to-appliance communication. In addition, the machine performs comprehensive traffic and event correlation across multiple sensors, resulting in an accurate, efficient, and secure monitoring system that scales across thousands of sensors and client devices.

Detection and mitigation:

Defense supports both dedicated and wireless shared sensing modes of operation. An additional access point is a reliable sensor for the former 24 x 7 scan. In wireless sharing mode, the access point primarily serves data and periodically changes channels to monitor threats on other media. The access point also scans while helping data on the infrastructure channel in this mode. Dedicated sensing improves the visibility of radio waves. 

Spectral analysis:

Wireless networks operate in the same unlicensed 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz spectrum as many devices. These devices can cause wireless interference and affect network performance. So, Sources are often introduced unknowingly, and problems occur sporadically, complicating troubleshooting and usually requiring real-time execution. The Spectrum Analysis Module offers a cost-effective solution to solve these interference problems.

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The Extreme AirDefense solution is a complete suite of WIPS solutions deployed on dedicated servers at your site. The system can automatically respond to nearly 200 wireless threats with an extensive threat library and customizable policy settings.

Extreme AirDefense Essentials is the base version of the Extreme AirDefense solution. This cloud-based management tool allows you to configure, implement and audit security protocols that assess and monitor threat detection for devices on your network. 

As the deployment of wireless LANs grows, so does the challenge of securing these networks. AirDefense Security & Compliance solutions include cutting-edge 24/7 wireless monitoring tools that enable IT professionals to detect network attacks and vulnerabilities and instantly disconnect rogue devices. This solution provides complete protection against wireless threats and includes policy and compliance monitoring.

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses allow computers to send and receive information. There are four types of IP addresses: public, private, static and dynamic.

WatchGuard recommends enabling IPS for policies that handle traffic to and from Internet hosts. For example, he doesn’t need to send Branch Office VPN policies to trusted sites or enable his IPS for traffic between trusted hosts on the internal network.


 Intrusion prevention systems scan forwarded network traffic for malicious activity and known attack patterns. The IPS engine analyzes the network traffic and compares the bit stream against an internal signature database for available attack patterns.