Why vCloud Tech?Monitoring, Security, And Management Of WLAN Networks

The Extreme AirDefense platform simplifies your WLAN networks’ management, monitoring, and protection. The platform supports three essential functions – security and compliance, network assurance, and proximity awareness and analytics – within a modular architecture to maximize deployment flexibility and minimize the cost of implementation. Wireless connectivity provides unique opportunities to communicate in new and powerful ways but also brings vulnerabilities, complexities, and management challenges.

It would help if you had the right tools to get the best out of your wireless network without risking the security of your users and business. Extreme AirDefense simplifies your Wireless LAN networks’ protection, monitoring, and compliance. Extreme AirDefense continuously safeguards the network from external threats 24x7x365 and notifies IT and staff when attacks occur, enabling an immediate response.

  • AirDefense Wireless IPS: Accurately detects wireless vulnerabilities and unusual network activity. The context-aware detection, co-relation, and multidimensional detection engines mean minimal false positive alarms.


  • Keep Your Network Secure: An extensive threat library and customizable policy settings let the system respond automatically to approximately 200 wireless threats, reducing the chances of damage to your network.


  • Meet Regulatory Compliance: Advanced forensics module maintains the highly accurate historical data required by many regulations such as HIPAA, GLBA, and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Extreme AirDefense simplifies your WLAN networks’ management, monitoring, and protection.


  • Centralizes management across several thousands of sensors, including configuration and firmware management.


  • Supports both dedicated and radio-share sensing modes.


  • Performs active monitoring of Bluetooth devices for detecting skimmers that attempt to open up a hole in the network.
  • Highly Scalable Architecture:

With the explosion of end-user devices and the exponential increase in the number of IoT devices, Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems must keep up with this massive growth in the number of devices on the airwaves. The Extreme AirDefense appliance has a highly scalable architecture that scales across multiple cores in a multi-core server and various servers while providing a single graphical console to manage the entire system. Packet analysis is divided between the sensors and the appliance, forwarding only essential security information to the machine to minimize the bandwidth requirements for the sensor-to-appliance communication. The device performs extensive traffic and event co-relation across multiple sensors, resulting in an accurate, efficient, and secure monitoring system that can scale across thousands of sensors and client devices.



  • Rogue Detection And Mitigation:

AirDefense supports both dedicated and radio-share sensing modes of operation. Additional access points are reliable sensors for 24 x 7 scanning in the former. In a radio-share manner, the access point primarily serves data and periodically goes off-channel to monitor threats in other channels. In this mode, the access point also performs sensing while operating data on the infrastructure channel. Dedicated sensing offers better visibility of the airwaves.


  • Spectrum Analysis:

Wireless networks operate in the same 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz unlicensed spectrum as many devices, such as cordless phones, wireless cameras, and microwave ovens. These devices can cause interference in the WLAN and have an impact on your network performance. Often sources are introduced unknowingly, and problems are intermittent, so troubleshooting is complex and typically must be performed in real-time. The Spectrum Analysis module offers a cost-effective solution to resolve these interference issues.

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