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Prevent, Detect, and Handle Every Threat with Cortex XDR

Too many tools, too many missed attacks, and too many alarms are faced by security teams; today’s isolated security solutions are unable to keep up with the constantly changing threats. Security teams still need to gain the enterprise-wide insight and deep analytics necessary to thwart attacks, even with the deployment of dozens of solutions. Teams need to take a radical new strategy for detection and response because of the need for more security talent. The world’s first extended detection and response platform, Cortex XDR, collects and combines all security data to thwart complex assaults. It integrates prevention, detection, investigation, and reaction into a single platform for the highest level of security and operational effectiveness.

Cortex XDR agent provides industry-leading AI-driven local analysis and behavior-based security to protect endpoints against malware, exploits, and fileless assaults. Organizations can neutralize threats never seen before with a single cloud-delivered agent for endpoint protection, detection, and response. Cortex XDR speeds up investigations by giving a comprehensive picture of each threat and instantly identifying the main cause. Triage is made simpler, and less experience is needed at every step of security operations with the help of intelligent, alert grouping and deduplication. Analysts can react swiftly to threats because of tight connections with enforcement points. Cloud, network, and endpoint events and data are monitored and managed by Palo Alto’s Cortex XDR, an extended detection and response platform. Cortex XDR is a centralized platform that integrates incident prevention, detection, analysis, and reaction elements.

Protect Your Assets with Endpoint Security 

Detect and respond to threats and gather data with a single cloud-native agent. With state-of-the-art defense against ransomware, malware, exploits, and fileless assaults, the Cortex XDR services provides a comprehensive preventive stack. It has the most extensive collection of exploit prevention modules on the market to stop the exploits that cause malware infestations. An AI-driven local analysis engine that is adaptive and constantly learns to thwart new attack methods scrutinize each file. To identify assaults as they happen, a Behavioral Threat Protection engine looks at the actions of several connected processes. Integration with Palo Alto Networks WildFire malware prevention service achieves increased security coverage and accuracy.


Securely Manage USB Devices

Use Device Control to safeguard your endpoints against malware and data loss. You can secure and monitor USB access with the Cortex XDR agent without installing an additional agent on your hosts. Usage can be restricted by Active Directory group or user, vendor, type, and endpoint. You can grant write or read-only rights to individual USB devices with granular restrictions.


Protect Endpoints with Host Firewall and Disk Encryption

minimize the endpoints’ surface area for attacks. You may reduce security risks and comply with regulations using disk encryption and host firewall features. With the Cortex XDR host firewall, you may manage outgoing and incoming connections on your Windows and macOS endpoints. You can also implement FileVault or BitLocker encryption on your endpoints by establishing disk encryption rules and policies. Cortex XDR lists every encrypted drive and offers complete visibility into encrypted endpoints. Thanks to the host firewall and disk encryption capabilities, you may centrally control your endpoint security rules from the Cortex XDR management dashboard.


Get Full Visibility with Comprehensive Data

Integrate all data to dismantle security silos. Cortex XDR collects information from any source so that you may extend the reach of your threat hunting throughout your environment. It automatically integrates identity, cloud, endpoint, and network data to identify hazards and streamline investigations. Alerts from third parties are dynamically combined with endpoint data to identify the underlying cause and spare analysts hours of work. Cortex XDR helps you identify serious risks and close any visibility gaps by using behavioral analytics to analyze logs.


Discover Threats with Analytics and Machine Learning

Utilize analytics and custom rules to identify elusive threats, providing unparalleled MITRE ATT&CK coverage. By automatically identifying active attacks, Cortex XDR enables your team to contain and prioritize threats before they cause significant harm. Cortex XDR continually tracks endpoint and user behavior using machine learning to identify unusual activity suggestive of attacks. A 360-degree perspective of people is offered via an Identity Analytics tool and user risk scores. Cortex XDR meets and surpasses the ability to identify abilities of siloed network detection and response (NDR), endpoint detection and response (EDR), and user conduct analytics (UBA) technologies by applying analytics to an integrated set of data.


Investigate Eight Times Faster

Identify the underlying reason for each alarm automatically. Cortex XDR simplifies investigations by enabling your analysts to quickly review warnings from any source, including external tools, with just one click. The skill level required to verify an assault is reduced by Cortex XDR, which immediately discloses the root cause, image, and sequence of occurrences associated with each alarm. Cortex XDR minimizes the number of individual alerts to evaluate and lessens alert fatigue by grouping alerts into events. Every incident expedites investigations by offering a comprehensive picture of an attack, complete with significant evidence and integrated threat intelligence details.

  • Advanced Threat Protection:¬†Cortex XDR offers robust protection against known and unknown threats by leveraging advanced technologies such as AI-based local analysis and Behavioral Threat Protection. That ensures your organization is safeguarded against malware, exploits, and file-less attacks.
  • Comprehensive Data Visibility:¬†Cortex XDR extends detection, investigation, and threat-hunting capabilities by gathering data from various sources, including third-party firewalls, cloud providers, identity providers, HR applications, DNS servers, and more. This 360-degree visibility enhances your organization’s ability to effectively identify and respond to threats.
  • Continuous Threat Detection:¬†The solution automatically detects sophisticated attacks around the clock, using AI-based analytics and custom correlation rules to identify advanced persistent threats and covert attacks. That ensures a proactive approach to security.
  • Alert Reduction and Simplified Investigations:¬†Cortex XDR helps prevent alert fatigue and reduce personnel turnover by simplifying investigations with automated root cause analysis and a unified incident management engine. That results in a significant reduction in alerts and lowers the skill required to manage them.
  • Improved SOC Productivity:¬†The platform streamlines Security Operations Center (SOC) operations by consolidating monitoring, investigation, and response within a single console. It allows for quick identification of the root cause of any alert with a single click, ultimately enhancing SOC efficiency.
  • Non-disruptive Threat Mitigation:¬†Cortex XDR allows for the precise and surgical shutdown of threats without disrupting business operations, ensuring user and system continuity through features like Live Terminal.
  • Protection Against Advanced Threats:¬†The solution eliminates advanced threats, including malicious insiders, zero-day malware, ransomware, and fileless and memory-only attacks.
  • Empowered Security Team: Cortex XDR empowers your security team by disrupting every stage of an attack. It achieves this by detecting indicators of compromise (IOCs), identifying bizarre behavior, and prioritizing analysis through incident scoring.
  • Rapid Host Restoration:¬†In the event of an attack, Cortex XDR enables swift recovery by removing malicious files and registry keys. It also facilitates the restoration of damaged files and registry keys based on remediation suggestions.

Proven endpoint protection

Using a single console, Cortex XDR enables your security team to contain endpoint, network, and cloud threats quickly. Thanks to close connection with enforcement points, your analysts can swiftly halt the propagation of malware, limit network traffic to and from devices, and update prevention lists like blocked domains with the complete endpoint security stack in the market, sophisticated malware, exploits, and fileless assaults. Our lightweight agent neutralizes attacks using cloud-based analysis, AI, and behavioral threat protection.


Laser-accurate detection

This platform’s top-level threat detection feature is another reason why your company should give it some thought. Thanks to its patented behavior analytics design, this system examines every file, activity, and piece of traffic in your organizational ecosystem.

Machine learning creates a profile of the system’s daily activities and behavior. Thus, it establishes an XDR baseline. To identify adversaries, malicious behavior is detected and compared to the baseline. Hackers won’t be able to conceal themselves within the network or launch an advanced persistent attack. Use unique behavioral analytics to identify evasive threats. Cortex XDR profiles activity and looks for anomalies that could be signs of an attack using machine learning. Analytics enables you to remember opponents trying to pass for authentic users.


Lightning-fast investigation and response

Through Cortex’s XDR platform, root cause analysis and investigation can be carried out. It quickly provides a comprehensive picture and context for the threat since it correlates data from multiple domains. After completing the inquiry, you only need to click once to respond to a threat. It enables you to quarantine a host, isolate it, terminate a process, and uninstall hazardous scripts. You can take the appropriate action plan directly from this console. Utilizing incident management to obtain a comprehensive picture of every attack and investigate threats promptly. With just one click, you can discover the underlying reason for any warning and quickly thwart attacks on your environment.

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An extended detection and response platform from Palo Alto, Cortex XDR oversees and records data and events related to the cloud, network, and endpoints.

Palo Alto Cortex XDR is a more sophisticated antivirus program than a conventional one. Using real-time detection, Cortex is an enhanced detection and response app that stops dangerous software from operating on devices and responds to malware and other advanced threats.

The world’s first detection and response app, Cortex XDR, integrates network, endpoint, and cloud data natively to thwart complex threats. Cortex XDR uses behavioral analytics to identify risks reliably and expedites investigations by identifying the underlying reason.

Security solutions like SIEM and EDR employ comparable techniques to perform different functions. A SIEM offers security awareness throughout the business network, whereas an EDR solution is made to oversee and safeguard the endpoint.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR), sometimes referred to as “cross-layered detection and response,” is based on Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). XDR gathers information from ends, firewalls, email, servers, workloads in the cloud, and the overall network, normalizes and correlates it.

The following are some of the main distinctions between XDR and EDR: Focus: Endpoint protection, comprehensive device visibility, and threat prevention are the main goals of endpoint data recovery (EDR). XDR adopts a broader perspective, incorporating cloud computing, email, endpoint security, and other technologies.