Why vCloud Tech?Accelerate the hybrid cloud journey using Commvault HyperScale the X Appliance

The¬†Commvault HyperScale Appliance¬†is a hyper-converged solution for managing data that tightly integrates storage and complete lifecycle management and analytics on a single platform that spans the data center and the cloud. It’s the next generation of the Commvault HyperScale family of scale-out data protection solutions that replace previous models from a go-to-market perspective. Commvault HyperScale X can be described as a simple, easy-to-implement integrated data protection system compatible with the Commvault Intelligent Data Services platform.

HyperScale X is part of the Commvault Intelligent Data Services Platform that helps organizations to simplify and simplify complex enterprise data effectively. Find the data you wish to secure, keep track of back-ups and backups, and quickly access analytics. Simple configurations and standard procedures reduce time, and role-based access lets you use self-service features and reduces the workload of your IT personnel. The Commvault HyperScale X dashboard further simplifies management by monitoring the entire¬†HyperScale cloud-specific¬†storage. You can quickly and easily check the health and performance of hardware components and get notifications when SLAs aren’t being met.

Improves Built-in resilience with ransomware protection

  • High-performance¬†Commvault backup appliance and recovery system with automated load balancing, improved RPO by utilizing high-performance information caching and cataloguing IOPs and caching. As well as reducing RTO by rebalancing the storage data across nodes.
  • Improved scalability through incremental growth in the storage of up to 5PB capacity in a single storage pool, which avoids expensive over-provisioning and enhances the speed of backup and restores.
  • Cloud data mobility that is cost-efficient and efficient allows users to effortlessly backup, restore and transfer data to, from within. And between cloud storage, including cloud storage services, such as the Metallic Cloud Storage Service (MCSS), with the help of policy-driven rules.
  • Improves Built-in resilience with ransomware protection SLAs by balancing load, ensures that data is available even in simultaneous hardware failures, and reduces ransomware-related effects by using intelligent monitoring to spot anomalies in data and notify users. Furthermore, the Commvault Hyperscale X comes with various layers of immutability between the OS, software, and file system to defend against ransomware attacks and ensure you can recover your data in the event of an attack.
  • Data reuse through integrated copy management allows immediate recovery of VMs and disaster tests of replications right from hardware rather than copying data to the destination hypervisor or database instance. Additionally, it gives live backups of data for testing and DevOps.
  • HyperScale X from Commvault:

     enhances performance, scalability, and resilience while facilitating deployment.
  • Efficiency:

     Automatic and intelligent data distribution across nodes to improve performance
  • Scalability:

     Scale up in one-node increments
  • Resilience:

     to withstand any two nodes failing in a cluster of six or more nodes
  • Deployment:

     Simplified network configuration and reduced requirements
  • Cloud Support:

     The cloud copy has been added with metadata storage
  • Integrated management:

     Reduce the time IT personnel spend by centralized control and reports
  • Single patch and Updates:

     Deploy one comprehensive patch to update the software
  • Flexibility:

    Purchase the capacity you require with no expensive forklift upgrade

Accelerates the adoption of hybrid cloud

Commvault HyperScale X with an integrated solution that offers complete control of data for any workload. Including virtual and containerized databases, and containers, all from an extensible, single platform. It comes in two different forms, which allow you to select an implementation according to your needs and preferences.

Commvault HyperScale X Appliance:

A fully integrated device that helps streamline operations and infrastructure. It is ideal for smaller deployments that require a capacity of 150 TB. Or less that require the convenience of an all-in-one integrated appliance from one supplier.

Commvault HyperScale X Software

Select the hardware platform that has been validated and configurations from our leading technology partners. It offers greater flexibility and allows you to leverage existing relationships with vendors. Through Commvault HyperScale With X, it is possible to leverage the complete Commvault software suite. Giving access to all features and functions and industry-top integration with databases, applications, and Hypervisors, public cloud operating systems, NAS platforms, as well as primary storage arrays.

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