Why vCloud Tech?You must meet your current workforce's demands and protect sensitive data.

Citrix Virtual Desktops and Apps are the best way to keep your workloads on-site and make it simple to provide IT-managed VDI and corporate security. The Citrix makes it simple to provide IT-managed VDI, whether you are a corporate security team that must adhere to strict compliance standards or if you need to remain in the data center to support operational purposes. In addition, Citrix  makes it easy to deliver IT-managed VDI.

Citrix DaaS lets you provide an unsecure workspace experience across any device. It offers all the benefits from a well-managed DaaS solution, and the added benefits of better agility in IT, improved security for corporates, and better efficiency for the end user. It offers a variety of features that will increase productivity and security. Furthermore, End users can access their desktops remotely, such as Azure Virtual Desktop, via virtual desktops. This includes operating systems and applications accessed via the client software or a browser from the endpoint devices. Citrix Virtual Apps and desktops are used by IT departments all over the world to distribute applications to more than 100 million users. This VDI solution is the best in class and includes everything you need to create high-performing workspaces no matter where they are located.

Citrix DaaS Features

  • Citrix Virtual Desktop Solutions: The Citrix provides the best DaaS and VDI solutions for companies that want to support distributed workers.
  • VDI solutions provide the best VDI experience for any device or network:¬† They give teams reliable access, no matter where they are located. The users have access to reliable and high-definition expertise which allows them to be productive. IT can also lower costs and protect sensitive data by giving each user the right level of access.
  • HDX citrix optimizations, and robust management tools: Microsoft investment strategies make it easy to get the most out of your Microsoft investments. Azure Virtual Desktop is an Azure-native remote desktop service and application virtualization service. It makes it easier for desktop-based workloads to be moved into the cloud. Citrix DaaS deployment tools allow IT to centrally manage on-premises and Azure desktops while allowing multiple Windows 10 virtual machines to host end user sessions.
  • Linux VDI supports Windows and virtual desktops: Linux is increasingly used in mission-critical applications. This makes Linux an increasingly important part of the workplace. Linux VDI allows users to be more productive. With Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops, administrators can quickly deliver and manage Linux virtual desktops from the same console.

Citrix DaaS Key Benefits

  • Virtual desktops offer a better user experience: IT professionals responsible for setting up new desktops can provide a consistent experience across all devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and thin clients. This gives contractors and employees a lot of flexibility in their work. Citrix Virtual desktop environments allow for personalization. Users can access the familiar desktop experience from any device, even BYO.

  • Enhanced security: Virtual desktops have significant security benefits. DaaS provides fine-tuned control over data and security isolation. Data is not stored on endpoint devices, making them less susceptible to theft. IT can efficiently perform audits and control security incidents because sensitive information is kept in the data center. This is particularly important for compliance in highly regulated industries.

  • IT efficiency: Administrators can update software, modify configurations and enforce policies across all virtual desktops. Developers can test their applications in this isolated environment without exposing the production environment to risk.

  • Cost savings: Although users can interact with virtual desktop applications as though they were using a physical device on the desktop, virtual desktops are stored inside virtual machines that run on servers in an off-premises or cloud datacenter. Citrix Virtual App technology allows organizations to select lower-cost desktop clients over high-performance desktop clients because the processing power is done in the data center.

  • Scalability: Citrix DaaS solutions are reliable and can scale essential applications and services to remote users and mobile workers. Organizations can quickly expand their VDI environment, whether they are looking to hire temporary workers, contractors, or permanent staff, and allow users immediate access to the enterprise virtual desktop workloads.
  • Future-proof your Business

Software and service providers accelerate digital transformation. Autodesk is committed to enabling remote workers to work on any device, from anywhere, over any network. DaaS is an easy way to support disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Businesses can quickly enable secure remote access to apps and desktops to keep employees on standby during natural disasters, pandemics, or other unforeseen events. Users can be added instantly and organizations pay only for what they use. 

  • Citrix apps and security services¬†

¬†Ensure a great and secure app experience with the world’s first intent-based application delivery and security cloud service. In addition , DaaS provides users with a secure entry point and simplifies administration. Access applications and desktops in the cloud, keeping your data safe and protected against data loss and device theft.¬†¬†


  • Connectivity with DaaS¬†

Organizations can quickly deploy applications and desktops based on business needs without investing in additional infrastructure. This is especially useful during mergers and acquisitions or when hiring temporary workers during busy periods.

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Citrix DaaS (previously Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service) provides a virtualization solution that gives IT control over virtual machines, applications, and security while enabling the location of any device. Provides access regardless of End users can use applications and desktops regardless of the device operating system and user interface.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a cloud computing service in which service providers deliver virtual desktops to end users over the Internet and are licensed on a per-user subscription basis. Is Citrix a DaaS? Citrix DaaS is an easy-to-manage solution that enables organizations to securely deliver DaaS and VDI apps and desktops over any network to any device.

Citrix ADC with Unified Gateway enables desktop and mobile users to quickly and securely access any application through a single URL. The administrator has a central point behind this single URL for configuration, security, and control of remote access to applications. Is Citrix a VPN or VDI? Provides a cloud-based, VPN-less solution for accessing any intranet web, SaaS, mobile, and virtual application.

As an extension of our ongoing collaboration with Amazon, Citrix now offers innovative network and desktop virtualization solutions from its AWS.

VDI stands for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. VDI desktops run on servers in the data center that users can access from virtually any device. For example, to use VDI with Citrix, you need Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop (formerly Citrix Xen Desktop.