Why vCloud Tech?Amazon Chime offers easy-to-use Apps for Windows, Mac, Web, IOS, and Android Devices.

With a dependable, secure, and simple-to-use application, Amazon Chime is a revolutionary communications solution that transforms meetings. Conducting online meetings, calls, chats, and information sharing both inside and outside of your company is simple with Amazon Chime. Your meetings and discussions are in sync with Amazon Chime, which is accessible on any device and allows you to stay connected. However, Free basic features and premium pro features are both available. Utilize features that are beneficial to businesses without worrying about going over budget.

Amazon Chime allows you to choose the best communication option for your Business. You can select from meetings, chats, and business calls. In addition, Amazon Chime allows you to choose the communication option that fits your business needs and the freedom to scale up or down as needed. Amazon Chime will enable you to meet, chat, and make business calls in one secure application. No need to switch applications to collaborate, instantly switch from chat to call, share your screen, and even invite others to your meeting. Then, when it’s time for your meeting, Amazon Chime calls all your devices to ensure you’re on time and that your meeting starts on time.

Online Meetings:

  • Easy Scheduling:¬†Use your calendar to add [email protected] to your meeting invites. So, add [email protected], and Chime will call you to ensure the meeting starts on time.
  • Personalized Meeting Link:¬†Create and use a customized meeting URL for your online meetings.

Participating in a Meeting:

  • Screen Sharing:¬†Share your screen or present information without asking for permission.
  • Visual List:¬†The visible list shows who has joined or declined the meeting, who is late, and who is speaking, and you can see where the background noise is coming from so you can mute that line.
  • Video Title:¬†Enable video with one click to interact with meeting participants visually. Amazon Chime supports picture-in-picture, featured video, and video highlights of the speaking participant in the 1:1 meeting.
  • Record Meetings:¬†Amazon Chime allows you to record meetings to share virtual meetings with colleagues and repeat them as needed.

Team Collaboration:

  • Chat:¬†Chat with colleagues face-to-face, in groups, or in chat rooms using the Amazon¬†Chime Chat¬†feature. Share attachments up to 50 megabytes, search contacts, conversations, and chat rooms, and read conversations across devices.
  • Chat Rooms:¬†Create chat rooms to let multiple people collaborate on projects, share files with colleagues, and use @mentions to target messages to specific participants. There is no limit to the number of users invited to a chat room; individual users can join as many chat rooms as they wish.

Video Conferencing:

  • Video Conferencing:¬†Enjoy high-quality broadband audio and HD video conferencing for up to 16 people on desktop and 25 on mobile.
  • Meeting Room Video Systems:¬†Amazon Chime supports most Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and H.323 videoconferencing systems, allowing meeting participants to join by simply entering the meeting ID into the device console.

Simplified Joining Experience: 

Tap to join and skip typing long passcodes, or select Running Late to let everyone know you’re running late.

Improved Meeting Experience: 

AWS Chime automatically chooses where to host each meeting based on participant proximity and AWS network information. That makes it possible for all conference participants, local or scattered globally, to have an optimized meeting experience.

Joining Meetings with Alexa: 

Say, “Alexa, start my meeting,” and she will begin. Study up on Alexa for Business.

Amazon Chime Call Me: 

Contact me to join a meeting using Amazon Chime; just input your phone number on the website or mobile application.


Amazon Chime provides affordable minute rates and dial-in numbers in more than 80 countries. Please visit the Dial-in rates page for further details on dial-in rates.

Voice and Video Calls: 

Voice over IP (VoIP) allows you to make immediate person-to-person voice and video calls, enabling you to switch from messaging to voice or video chat at any time. Your incoming, outgoing, and missed calls are listed in your call history, making it simple to call someone back, leave a message, or add a new contact.

Bright Presence: 

Amazon¬†Chime¬†employs “smart presence” to display your status, with green denoting availability and red denoting busyness. You can hide your presence status or manually set it to show that you’re unavailable.

Start Meetings from Slack: 

Meetings may be started directly from Slack thanks to the Amazon Chime Meetings App for Slack, which also lets users join meetings from within Slack. In addition, users can use their current Slack application for work collaboration to access Amazon Chime’s sophisticated meeting features.

Incoming WebHooks: 

Developers can set up their applications to send messages into Amazon Chime chat rooms using incoming webhooks.

Chat Bots: 

Use personalized chat bots in your chat rooms. Provide your users direct access to chat bots to automate repetitive chores and give them access to company applications and information.

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Amazon Chime is a premium communication service that transforms online meetings with easy-to-use apps that work seamlessly across all devices. Amazon Chime allows you to schedule and join online and video conferences, chat, call, and collaborate inside and outside your organization. All this in one app. Now you can work productively from anywhere.

The Amazon Chime web app allows meeting attendees to quickly join Amazon Chime meetings from their browsers. Attendees don’t need to download anything or create an account. Users who create an account can collaborate via chat, make face-to-face calls, and share content like any of her Amazon Chime clients. Professional features like scheduling and hosting meetings for up to 100 participants under the host’s control are also available.

Amazon Chime

Users can place and receive calls using the self-service cloud phone technology called Amazon Chime Business Calling. Utilize the mobile, desktop, and online apps for Amazon Chime to send and receive text messages. Your employees may begin calling minutes after setting up Business Calling with just a few clicks in the Amazon Chime management panel. IT expertise or specialized deployment services are optional. With calls and text messages to more than 100 nations, Business Calling supports phone numbers in the United States.

The Slack App Directory hosts the Amazon Chime Meetings Slack App. Administrators of Slack workspaces can install apps that let users quickly launch and attend Amazon Chime meetings from within a channel or chat in Slack. In addition, users can access her Amazon Chime service through this app for online meetings without having to set up or manage a new Amazon Chime account.

You can create an Amazon Chime account using the Amazon Chime app. After downloading and opening the app, you are guided through creating an Amazon Chime account. Then, you can use this account to sign in and access the service.

Only Amazon Chime meetings started in Slack will post a call block to the Slack channel or direct message. Meetings created outside the Slack workspace, including meetings created using the [email protected] calendar integration, do not automatically post call blocks to Slack channels.