Why vCloud Tech?Automate and optimize all aspects of the IT asset lifecycle, so they perform better for you

IT Asset Management Software (ITAM) platform offers you complete control and visibility into your assets. It assists you in tracking and managing assets through their lifecycles more effectively using IT workflows that operate in the way you want. Our ITAM keeps track of all the historical details of both software and hardware assets throughout their lifetimes without limitations.

IT Asset Management software allows you to keep a complete inventory that includes your information assets. It lets you make the right choices to improve the performance and quality of your IT solutions provider. On-demand and regular scans for networks identify computers, servers, laptops, and other equipment that is networked in the network. The information about the software installed is automatically gathered and consolidated to ensure complete control in a flash. Utilize our complete¬†Software Asset Management (SAM) solution to monitor, control, and maximize your business’s entire lifecycle of software assets. Be aware of your software assets, remain on top of your compliance, and maximize your software expenditure. We provide precisely the kind of solution executives at organizations are searching for in these tough economic times.

IT Asset Discovery:

Automated technology for identifying IT assets locates computers and other networked equipment connected to the network, providing an accurate and accurate view of the entire IT infrastructure.

The Life Cycle of Assets:

Get a complete overview of your IT equipment and take charge of its entire lifecycle from acquisition to retirement. Control your IT assets with accurate and complete historical or financial data, maintenance and warranty contracts, and related incidents and repairs on every device.

Controlling Contracts:

Easily steer contract approvals through Alloy’s sophisticated workflow engine. Keep track of renewals and enforce timely cancellations using automatic notifications about upcoming renewal dates.

Software Asset Management: 

Simplify license management and enable automatic compliance validation using several pre-defined license entitlement rules.

Service Catalog: 

Improve service availability, decrease costs, and enhance the user experience by providing information about your IT services. Completely control your IT department by automating workflows that simplify service delivery and improve the effectiveness of your entire IT department.


Find and track easily consumable items and materials throughout your business. Avoid costly downtime by using the flexibility of lower thresholds, email notifications, or even purchase orders that are automatically generated for timely replenishment.

Web-based HTML0 for Service Desk Integration: 

Oversee those who use your assets, improve ticket resolution time, and swiftly identify the root cause of issues to resolve problems quicker. When your IT asset information is integrated with the service desk’s ticketing system, your service quality will increase.

The Alloy Workflow Engine: 

With our intelligent workflow automation, your users can ask to interact and use IT resources based on the procedures you create with the best IT Asset Management practices.

Map of Relationships: 

Visualize how your most crucial components, IT assets, and processes are interconnected. You can not only look at CIs, but you can also see closely related IT assets’ history and maintenance tasks, incidents, and more.

  • Enhance the lifecycle of IT assets:¬†Discover the benefits of IT Asset Management software and automate the life cycle of your hardware and software IT assets, from acquisition through retirement, maximizing their value to your company.
  • Cut down on IT cost:¬†Make informed decisions by gaining a better knowledge of what you can do to improve your¬†IT assets¬†and the environment. Reclaim software licenses that are not used and avoid auto-renewals for maintenance contracts for hardware that is not used.
  • Keep up to date:¬†Mitigate the risks of software audits. Ensure that you comply with the software licensing requirements to prevent costly violations.

Be on top of renewals and acquisitions.

  • Know when to buy or upgrade assets to ensure IT is ready to meet the ever-changing business demands.
  • Make a plan for asset allocation and keep informed about the upcoming expiration of warranty and renewal of software.
  • For better budgeting, keeping warranty and contract agreements with vendors is easy.

Accelerate hardware refreshes by using an automated process for creating and approving Poss.

  • Take advantage of a renewal of your software subscriptions to assets.
  • Integrate PO in the IT process to manage the lifecycle of assets immediately.
  • Maximize the use of assets and cut the cost of maintenance
  • Maximize your use of hardware and software. Be aware of the assets that are in use and what resources are available.
  • It is easy to determine which assets need to be replaced or maintenance work performed to ensure your assets are in good working order.
  • Reduce downtime for assets and the cost of repairs by automating maintenance management procedures.
  • Be on top of your assets’ value with the automatic depreciation calculation.
  • Reduce time and manage physical inventory using this Alloy Inventory Scanner app.

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IT Operations Management (ITOM) includes services, processes, and best practices for IT operations’ availability, efficiency, and performance. Through ITOM, organizations reduce infrastructure spending, improve the utilization of existing resources, and reduce risk from human error.

 IT operations management image results from ServiceNow

IT operations are responsible for defining how an organization manages software and hardware. The department also provides other IT support such as network management, device management, mobile phone contracts and a help desk. A general list of responsibilities applicable to IT operations.

By combining IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM), you can prioritize operational efficiency while providing the best service to your employees.

A career as an operations manager is perfect for someone who enjoys working behind the scenes of an organization. This position plays a vital role in the success of any business, big or small. It also gives you the flexibility to work in almost any industry.

The Service Desk is primarily her IT function, managing tickets, incidents, service requests, and user communications. Service desk professionals use various IT service management (ITSM) tools to get their jobs done. 

 The service Desk is the single point of contact between you and your service provider. A standard IT service desk is responsible for managing incidents and service requests and handling all other user communications.

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