Why vCloud Tech?With Acronis Cyber Infrastructure, A Hyper-Converged, Multi-Tenant Solution To Protect Your Computer

Acronis Cyber Appliance Solution is a simple to utilize and secure cloud edge solution that includes Acronis Cyber Infrastructure software pre-deployed on five servers on the same 3U chassis. It’s never been more straightforward, secure, and cost-effective to manage and grow. Benefit from our wide-ranging and readily saleable Acronis Cyber Infrastructure solution, which provides software-defined storage to protect cyber-related work.

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure is a solution that meets the latest IT requirements and is the multi-tenant hyper-converged solution to secure the data you store from attacks by cybercriminals. It improves efficiency and reduces the total costs of ownership (TCO) through an established IT infrastructure solution that can run disaster recovery processes and efficiently store backup data quickly, securely, and easily. The digital age is always creating technological advances and growth in data that must be accessible quickly, efficiently, and with safe cyber security. Acronis security solutions for cyber protection protect every application, data, and system.

  • Disaster Recovery Infrastructure: Experience enterprise-grade, high-performance virtualization that acts as an underlying technology in Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery and Acronis Hybrid Disaster Recovery. The high availability allows for the automatic recovery of workloads after the event of a node failure. Operations are smooth thanks to essential storage and performance policies such as live migration and the ability to schedule resources in a way that is accessible.


  • Software-Defined Storage: It is all-inclusive, low-cost, user-friendly, scalable, and easy-to-use software that utilizes standard hardware and integrates blocks, file storage, and object workloads into one simple-to-use system. Fully supported RDMA, All-Flash configurations, and manageable redundancy for data protection protect your data from hardware failure.


  • Software-Defined Networks: Gain the advantage of virtual networking, and create secure and isolated networks to protect the workloads of various tenants using software-defined networking. Benefit from virtual networking, which is made possible by VXLAN encapsulation and virtual distributed routing and switching.


  • Deployment Services: With Acronis Deployment Services, you will be the first to protect data, infrastructure migration, and disaster recovery.


  • Auditing Services: Reduce maintenance expenses and have peace of mind knowing that your customer’s data is secure by industry standards and Acronis’s most effective practices.
  • Easy-to-Use: Acronis Appliance Solutions ensure systems are running efficiently and help troubleshoot issues before they impact the system or users. A user-friendly graphic User Interface (GUI) permits rapid deployment and easy management, thus reducing the time required by IT administrators. The integrated instruments for monitoring and managing assist you in managing your time.


  • Security: Erasure code schemes offer solid data security and provide 3+2 security as a default.


  • Simple To Acquire: There is no need to decide; try before purchasing various hardware components and software.


  • Security: The existence of Data at Rest Encryption and Role-Based Access Control ensures that your data is secure. Find solutions to issues related to data integrity and ensure your data is secure using Acronis Cloud RAID.


  • High Resiliency: Five server nodes on one chassis will ensure that you’re operating in the event of a component malfunction.


  • Scalability: If you intend to increase the number of resources available for your network, you may connect another Acronis.


  • Cyber Appliance: Cost-effective: Find a solution to meet any business’s needs. It is a separate software and hardware and allows for an incredibly flexible licensing model with pay-as-you-go models.
  • Advanced Monitoring:

Manage systems easily with built-in monitoring tools, including an integrated Prometheus engine and pre-configured Grafana dashboards that show service state, availability, performance, network bandwidth, migration/replication backlog, memory, and CPU usage.


  • Advanced Management:

Manage the deployment, configuration, integration, and orchestrated management of all the services within the cluster efficiently. Automate repetitive tasks like cluster provisioning high-availability and storage services (backup storage, block storage, objects storage, file storage), networking updates, networking tasks, and much more.


  • Support For Identity Providers Of Third-Party Origin:

Meet the strict requirements for security for access to the Acronis Cyber Infrastructure platform by creating and configuring one or more identity providers that grant access. Designate specific roles and authorizations to federated users and provide the security of access controls.



  • On-Premises Storage For Acronis Cyber Cloud:

Acronis Cyber Appliance and Acronis Cyber Appliance and Acronis Cyber Cloud give you an additional layer of data security by storing a local and off-site backup copy of backup data.

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