General Information

The Box Blanket Purchase Agreement provides the House of Representatives with a way to purchase Enterprise Box licenses and consulting services. This agreement offers:

  • Pre-discounted rates leveraging the buying economies of the House in whole
  • Allow for mid-term allocations to co-term to a single renewal date
  • The aggregate centralized renewal process 
  • Provide access to Box Services (consulting and training on a needed basis)
  • Leverage government approved terms and conditions 

This BPA is open to the CAO and Other House Offices including Members, Resident Commissioners, Delegates, House Officers, Committees, Leadership Offices, other House Offices, and joint entities. 


Note that all licenses will be prorated to align with the current BPA expiration of January 21, 2024. Once the form is filled out we will be in touch to discuss the next steps.  Please direct any questions to [email protected] or call 833-482-5683.


Please check out the whitepaper Box just released for the House

    Purchaser Information

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