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The partnership with Prophecy International (makers of Snare Log Agent) has been conferring bright prospects on vCloud Tech. Prophecy International is a globally recognized company providing its services to more than 4,000 customers from its offices in the UK, Denver, Asia and its corporate headquarter in Australia. Snare is characterized by defacto standard for log management. The solutions provided by it to its customers prospectively reduce the anticipated risks that help them save time and money.

Snare functions as a security log agent that enhances the sphere of database monitoring activity and harnesses cybersecurity against the external offense. The customers of most of the enterprises possess diverse security tools with varying deployment options and choices of the likes of cloud/prem. Customers utilizing Snare’s database activity monitoring tools have been imparted with surety as far as security, optimize existing, security investments and compliance are concerned. The partners that have been using the services of snare enterprise agent pricing have been cruising in garnering revenues, retaining customers, protecting their brand, and showcasing security expertise. Snare open source is available for free.

Snare’s cybersecurity apparatus covers three main areas i.e. confidentiality, integrity, and availability in ensuring the protection of its customers’ internal systems. The utility of security log agent has been increasing with every passing day as the cyber perpetrators and security breachers have been equally advancing in increasing their wherewithal along the malicious lines.

The services provided by Snare have a long list of customers and clients the most citable of which is a huge financial institution. It successfully confronted the challenges in collecting the logs that were to be sent to the data lakes and multiple SIEMS. Snare security log agent for windows was asked to be deployed on its ATMs. Similarly, Snare also proved reliable in the collection of the logs for each region and specific branches. It was successful in filtering and storing logs complying with SOC and SIEM. Having a system of live alerts programmed to provide safety and security, it has been streamlining the organizational processes.

vCloud Tech has embarked on an enduring partnership with Snare by providing its assistance in marketing campaigns, kickoff demos, and blob announcements. The personal blog about the services provided by Snare can be visited on their website. Its Director of Channel Sales can be reached out on LinkedIn.

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