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A complete strategy for protection against ransomware

To reduce the risk of possible ransomware and protect sensitive data against an intensive cyberattack, any enterprise should adopt a complete ransomware strategy. Modern business units need an efficient, feasible, and productive ransomware strategy. Collection of accurate data, finding the right tools, and having a plan can reduce ransomware threats to a great extent.

Harden the foundations of IT infrastructure by the elimination of vulnerabilities related to database and operating system. Adopt a centralized management system and execute file behavioral analysis leading any enterprise to have a safe data ecosystem. Having an agile data recovery and backup solution in the situation of a ransomware attack would do great for any enterprise.

To protect your vital data from any ransomware enterprise should adopt a complete solution by Commvault offering the following solution:

  • Create an effective plan for your enterprise data protection.
  • Safeguard sensitive data from any malware, ransomware, and data loss.
  • Analysis of the data ecosystem and monitor all its operations.
  • Recovery of the data in case of firewall breach.
  • Execute mock tests to analyze the response time and performance of the data protection strategy.

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