Why vCloud Tech?The eDiscovery platform facilitates fast and accurate results for all your data compliance needs

The Veritas eDiscovery Platform makes it easy for organizations to solve real-world challenges across the eDiscovery lifecycle, from litigation hold and collection to analysis, review, and production. In addition, the Veritas eDiscovery Platform can be rapidly deployed in-house or hosted by a certified service provider.

The eDiscovery platform is a powerful engine for performing extensive records-based searches to help organizations quickly identify critical resolution files. A simple and intuitive user interface enables compliance officers and legal IT staff to make more informed decisions to manage risk better. In addition, you can start searching right away without waiting for vendors or installations.

  • Reduce manual work to save time and resources¬†¬†
  • workflow minimizes human error¬†¬†
  • Perform complex investigations with minimal training
  • Transparent Predictive Coding:¬†

Use good predictive coding to open the black box of technology-aware verification. This feature uses machine learning techniques to improve efficiency and effectiveness. 


  • Voice Processing, Search, and Review:

Multimedia content is growing rapidly within organizations, and recent regulatory activity, including the Dodd-Frank Act, has pushed these file types into the spotlight for electronic discovery. Veritas offers powerful voice solutions that process voice content quickly, making it instantly searchable and reviewable. 

  • Veritas Archiving Solutions Direct Collector:

Collects content directly from Enterprise Vault or Enterprise Vault Cloud and manages data across EDRM workflows in a single application. Our unique collector allows you to apply legal holds to content in your archives from your eDiscovery platform, perform pre-collection culling, and limit the size of your overall collection. 

  • Distributed architecture:

The eDiscovery tools distributed architecture allows you to add capacity quickly and efficiently as needed. This flexibility improves processing speed, user scalability, and export efficiency for the largest and most complex cases.

  • Gain visibility and control over the entire¬†eDiscovery solutions, from legal hold and collection to production, and reduce costs with a single platform.
  • With transparent predictive coding, reduce the time and cost of reviewing legal documents by up to 98%.
  • Reduce problem resolution time and costs by reducing the information to verify by 90%.
  • Immediate productivity gains for legal and IT staff with an intuitive user interface that is easy to use with minimal training.¬†¬†
  • Deploy the eDiscovery platform as a single integrated application or customize your solution with only the modules you need.

1. Flexible deployment 

Collect data from physical, virtual, and cloud environments with a single solution across the eDiscovery lifecycle.

  • Receive comprehensive discoveries from collection to production
  • Simple mapping across your data landscape
  • Find relevant documents and communications

 2. Automated Workflow 

 You can start searching right away without waiting for vendors or installations.

  • Reduce manual work to save time and resources¬†¬†
  • Systematic workflow minimizes human error¬†¬†
  • Perform complex investigations with minimal training

 3. Advanced Analytics 

 Use machine learning to manage risk and uncover critical evidence. 

  • Using a distributed architecture configuration
  • Rapidly process and analyze thousands of custodians
  • Use Veritas product integrations to gain deeper data insights


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The Veritas eDiscovery Platform is an industry-leading enterprise eDiscovery solution that enables businesses, governments, and law firms to manage legal, regulatory, and investigative matters in one application.

eDiscovery is a form of digital investigation that seeks to find evidence from emails, business communications, and other data that may be used in litigation or criminal proceedings. While traditional discovery processes are the standard in litigation, electronic discovery is unique to digital evidence. 


For lawyers reviewing documents and data for litigation and regulatory matters, it provides document viewing and organization, advanced search, analysis, technical assistance review (TAR), and document tagging; Documents should be hosted on an eDiscovery platform that allows editing and production. , and more.


Symantec has announced that it will split the company into two parts. The security business will remain with Symantec, and the information management business will be known as Veritas Technologies Corporation. 

Microsoft Purview eDiscovery (Standard) from Microsoft Purview is a primary eDiscovery tool that organizations can use to search and export Microsoft 365 and Office 365 content. Offers.

The importance of eDiscovery should not be underestimated. eDiscovery is one of the main drivers for the adoption of archiving systems and profoundly impacts how companies store, store and manage electronic content. Consequently, improper management of eDiscovery can have serious consequences.