Why vCloud Tech?Defend against increasingly Sophisticated Threats and Targeted attacks with Adaptive Protection.

Symantec protects all traditional and mobile endpoints with innovative surface reduction, attack prevention, breach prevention, detection, and response technologies. One of the largest global intelligence networks in the world is providing all this protection. Employees access data and applications from billions of devices with different features, applications, and operating systems. Endpoint security is a critical last line of defense to prevent cyberattacks from compromising. These devices and keeping sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

Symantec’s single-agent solution offers flexible management and deployment options, including full Cloud, on-premises, and hybrid. Symantec Endpoint Security (SES) provides comprehensive protection for all traditional and mobile devices across the attack chain. These innovations include behavioral isolation, Active Directory security, and threat-hunter technology. Which protects endpoints from advanced threats and targeted attacks. Additionally, this single-agent solution supports on-premises, hybrid, and cloud-based deployments for greater ROI and lower total cost of ownership.

Ensure the Safety of all Endpoint Hardware and Software.

Most Comprehensive Protection:

Symantec’s industry-leading endpoint solutions cover all endpoints. Including laptops, desktops, iOS phones and tablets, Android phones and tablets, servers, storage human-machine interface and operational technologies, cloud workloads, containers, and cloud storage.¬†

Cloud and Hybrid Options:

While on-premises solutions remain the primary line of defense for many organizations’ data centers. The loss of traditional network security perimeters, the need to reduce costs, and the need to support mobile and remote users are driving the move to in-environment security. However, there is an increasing need for Cloud. By offering endpoint solutions in the Cloud. Furthermore, Symantec gives options for any deployment: on-premises, in the Cloud, or a hybrid of both.

Single Agent:

Various endpoint agents are often used To support IT management and security. Each agent works independently with its console and set of rules and policies. All of which must be configured, deployed, managed, and maintained. Using multiple products increases IT overhead and costs and introduces gaps and errors in your defenses, increasing the chances of missing threats. For example, Symantec Endpoint Security provides a single agent for protection. Also provides endpoint detection and response (EDR), application control, and isolation.

Extensible and Integrated:

Symantec Endpoint Security lets you integrate third-party applications. Such as Microsoft Graph, Open C2, and other Symantec solutions through an open API, Symantec TEDx. 

Single Console:

Symantec Endpoint Security allows administrators to deploy and manage all endpoints from a single console. Moreover, it gains real-time threat visibility across a laptop, desktop, mobile, server, and Cloud workloads. The Only Solution with Breakthrough Security Technology Embedded Symantec Endpoint Security is the only solution with full Endpoint Detect and Response (EDR). Moreover, Breach Prevention, App Isolation, and App Control capabilities are integrated with Endpoint Protection.

Autonomous Security Management:

Symantec Endpoint Security provides independent security controls that learn from you and your organization. Or Also the community to assess and strengthen your security posture continuously. It also leverages AI-driven management to help you set stronger, less misconfigured security policies. As a result, improve your overall security hygiene and posture.

Empower your SOC Team:

Intelligent automation, AI-driven policy management, and Symantec experts help SOC teams meet their needs without hiring additional staff.

Protect critical Data Center Infrastructure:

Protecting today’s data centers against advanced malware and zero-day threats are more critical than ever. That’s why we offer cutting-edge solutions to protect, enforce, and monitor the compliance status of server systems in on-premises, virtual, and cloud data center environments.

Data Center Security:

Provides complete server protection with full application control for micro-segmentation, de-escalation of admin rights, patch mitigation, and zero-day threat protection in on-premises and private/public cloud data centers.

Client Management Suite:

Reduce costs by automating redundant device and software management tasks for Windows, Mac, Linux, and virtual desktops.

Protection that Leads the Industry for All Your Endpoints

Real-Time Threat Intelligence:

Symantec Endpoint Security leverages real-time threat intelligence, threat analysis, content classification, and comprehensive threat-blocking data from the Symantec Global Intelligence Network.

Easy Endpoint Security Management: 

Symantec’s endpoint protection portfolio includes tools to help manage endpoint security deployments and workflows.

Make Faster, more Informed Decisions:

Symantec provides comprehensive visibility into your organization’s desktops, laptops, and software. Using historical and real-time data, you can identify vulnerabilities and quickly deploy appropriate patches and updates.

Reduce Costs and Ensure Compliance:

Symantec discovers, inventories, and tracks all hardware and software assets in your IT infrastructure, so you can optimize your investments, avoid unnecessary software purchases, and stay ahead of costly and time-consuming license reviews.

Keep the Server Running:

With Symantec, you can quickly provision, patch, monitor, and remediate your servers from a central console, helping you gain and maintain control, reduce service disruptions, and increase uptime.

Reduce Deployment Time:

Symantec can help accelerate and simplify the imaging and deployment of all your endpoints. It makes it easy to migrate to the latest operating systems, inventory machines, deploy software, and perform custom configurations across hardware platforms and operating systems.

Business Continuity:

Compromised endpoints wreak havoc on business operations. Finally, Symantec offers robust protection against stealth malware, ransomware, stolen credentials, resident attacks, Active Directory credentials, and more.

Improve ROI:

Our single agent/cloud console architecture simplifies management and enhances endpoint security.

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Symantec Endpoint Protection is a software suite that provides comprehensive enterprise endpoint security and protection. In addition, the suite includes advanced malware protection, application control, exploit prevention, endpoint detection and response (EDR), and fraud tools.

SEP detects, removes, and prevents the spread of viruses, spyware, and other security risks, providing antivirus (AV) and antispyware protection for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers are designed.

Overall, Symantec is a great and fast antivirus/threat protection solution for small to medium-sized workgroups. Symantec is fast and runs smoothly in the background. It provides easy-to-use centralized management functions without straining system resources. Furthermore, installation is typically seamless, and deployment takes only a few minutes.

It prevents unauthorized programs from running and enforces firewall policies to block or allow network traffic‚ÄĒattempts to identify and block malicious traffic from corporate networks or web browsers. In addition, we use the information we collect from you to identify malicious software.

Scans and eliminates malware on your system using signature-based antivirus and file heuristics to protect against viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, bots, adware, and rootkits. See Managing scans on client computers, about scan types and real-time protection.

A Symantec Endpoint Protection license applies to Symantec Endpoint Protection clients. For example, in a network with 50 endpoints, the permit must provide at least 50 seats. Instances of Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager do not require a license.