Why vCloud Tech?As Cyberattacks Become more unpredicted, more Controls are Added to make the Advanced Threat Protection Security

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) security is developed to limit the dangers an attack poses to a company’s Advanced Network by preventing attacks from occurring before they occur. Check Point SandBlast is designed to detect and defend against attacks by sophisticated threat actors skilled in sly attacks that employ zero-day exploits and distinctive malware.

Check Point SandBlast is designed to guard an organization’s endpoints against advanced threats. They accomplish this through the use of technology that includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as Machine Learning (ML). Cyberattacks are becoming more widespread and advanced, as evident by the recent increase in ransomware and phishing attacks. With a focus on threat prevention instead of responding to threats, ATP tools minimize the risks and possible consequences from advanced cyberattacks on the enterprise’s endpoints.

  • Data Analytics for Files: Malware is a significant risk to all company’s computers, mainly since cybercriminals are increasingly targeting mobile devices for their attacks. Secure endpoints require the ability to automatically analyze the files downloaded onto the machine (regardless of their source and delivery method) and identify the malware before it is executed on the device.


  • Control of Attack Surfaces: Today’s enterprise has a vast attack surface that gives an attacker many chances to take advantage of its endpoints. ATP security utilizes various strategies to manage the organization’s attack surface, including Check Point SandBlast analysis of files and execution. Application control and many more.


  • Combining Prevention and Detection: Although the main objective of ATP products is to deter attacks, there are instances where attacks can pass through an organization’s defenses and execute. To combat these threats, ATP security back up its protection capabilities by providing detection threats quickly and intervention.


  • Rich Threat Intelligence: Cyber-attacks are constantly evolving, and having access to the correct information could mean the difference between successfully stopping any new threat or letting it fall through the cracks. ATP security must be equipped with advanced cyber threat intelligence that supplies current information on the most recent cyberattacks.

Real-Time Visibility: Detecting an attack in real-time instead of responding in the aftermath requires an in-depth view of the activities on a protected endpoint. It enables ATP security to rapidly detect signs of a possible cyber-attack and stop it before it has the chance to begin.


Contextual Awareness: Security team members are overwhelmed with the number of security alerts generated by various security products and constant attacks. Advanced security requires the context of security to ensure that security personnel are aware of and prepared to deal with real threats to the company quickly.


Data Understanding: ATP Security is developed to reduce the risk of sophisticated attacks on data in an organization’s possession. It requires the ability to recognize the value and sensitivity of the data so that the software can detect attacks that target it and react promptly.

  • Highest Security Effectiveness Score:

Check Point SandBlast achieved the highest security effectiveness score during the latest NSS Labs Breach Prevention System (BPS) group test. Its Next-Generation Firewalls and Advanced Endpoint Security scored a 100 percent block rate and received a “Recommended” rating. Highlights of Checkpoint’s results:

  • 84 percent overall security effectiveness.
  • 100 Block rate of %.
  • 100% protection against malware Web, email, and email.
  • 100% exploit resistance.
  • Zero false positives.


  • Pre-Emptive User Protections:

The weakest security link is the human being. Security measures prevent threats before they reach users, regardless of the activities – whether through email or browsing.

  • Threat extraction produces safe versions in a matter of minutes.
  • Advanced email security checks each message part before it gets to the user’s mailbox.
  • Protects against phishing, social engineering, and other threats based on email.

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