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Why Choose AvePoint’s Data Backup and Recovery Services?

AvePoint is a data backup and recovery services provider that functions as an independent software vendor and manufacturer. AvePoint also provides cloud-based enterprise collaboration systems for migration, integration, management, optimization, protection, reporting, data backup, and recovery management systems. AvePoint values quick informed decision-making to meet and exceed vCloud Tech’s customer expectations. AvePoint’s business data backup solutions drive to innovate and they are adamant about the success of their colleagues, customers, partners, and community. With over 16,000+ customers in 88 countries, AvePoint is the enterprise cloud backup solutions choice for public and private sector organizations around the globe. Get more information about data recovery services cost by consulting with our team of experts.

AvePoint Makes it Easy to

Your Data in Minutes

AvePoint’s easy backup and restore solutions allow you to recover your data in minutes.

Backup Your Data Your Way

With BYOS and BYOK options available, store your backups in the data center of your choice.

No-Stress Backup

With unlimited automatic backups, AvePoint’s backup and recovery plan give you the flexibility you need in a backup solution.

AvePoint Featured Solutions

Solutions for Office 365, SharePoint, and More

Wherever you are on your cloud journey, AvePoint can help. Whether you’re just starting to introduce modern applications or are already established in a cloud-first world, AvePoint helps you migrate, manage, and protect your data.

Data Protection

AvePoint’s data protection solutions for Office 365, SharePoint, SalesForce, and more are built with robust security controls, automated protective actions, and continuous activity monitoring, ensuring your organization’s data never ends up in the wrong hands and minimizing your security risk. Your Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is subject to regulation and should be protected from cyber threats to eradicate loss of trust, brand integrity, regulatory action, and competitive advantage.

Operational Governance

While SharePoint and Microsoft 365 offer powerful features to empower organizations and enable business success, they also present some unique challenges. AvePoint’s governance solutions allow you to standardize policies for control and ownership, without limiting business productivity. AvePoint governance solutions keep risk in check with specified services and policies that are easily implementable.

Records & Information Management

AvePoint recognizes that information management is critical for businesses to be successful. Their records and information management solutions are designed to streamline records classification and manage the full information lifecycle – from data creation to disposal. With built-in reporting and auditing capabilities, AvePoint helps you achieve compliance without an over-reliance on end-users.

Drive Sustainable Microsoft Teams Adoption

From pilot to full rollout, AvePoint solutions drive sustainable adoption of Microsoft Teams. Regardless of where you are on your cloud journey, AvePoint’s can help you migrate, govern and optimize your Microsoft Teams environment.

Cloud Backup & Recovery Management Systems

Enhance the true value of cloud and AI for your organization by utilizing records recovery services for Office 365, Salesforce, & Dynamics 365. AvePoint’s cloud data backup and recovery solution provides full end-to-end support with 24/7 support availability.

Cloud Management for Microsoft 365

Automate control of security, content, and configurations, and then repeat your changes in real-time with AvePoint’s business data backup solutions for Office 365. The records recovery services AvePoint offers allows organizations to centrally manage Office 365 permissions and configuration tasks and is built give organizations greater insight into their environments with fully customized reports.

SharePoint & Office 365 Migration

AvePoint’s Migration Platform for SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 makes cloud migration uncomplicated, opening the pathway for organizations to digitally transform. With pre-migration scanning capabilities, AvePoint helps you determine your project scope, optimize your migration plan, and ensures you only migrate the data that you need. Whether your business plans to “lift and shift” your data or take a more strategic approach, AvePoint’s Migration Platform takes care of your project in each stage with great care.

Case Studies
Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District Ensures Workplace Communications Compliance
Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District (MMSD) leverages AvePoint Cloud Backup to enhance its data backup and restore capabilities and ensure data retention regulation compliance.
Walls Construction to Ensures Data Protection from Ransomware
Walls Construction reduces time spent on permissions management by 70% and cloud backup management by 90% following ransomware attack.


Ensuring security and management with collaborative Cloud Governance by AvePoint.

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