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vCloud Tech is pleased to partner with DDN (Data Direct Networks) a premier provider of Artificial Intelligence and Data Management software and hardware solutions enabling Intelligent Infrastructure, delivering unified analytics to solve business challenges for data-intensive, global organizations.

DDN has a 20-year track record addressing the needs of over 10,000 customers in a wide variety of markets including financial services, manufacturing, life sciences and media. DDN’s team of more than 1000 employees is dedicated to addressing the requirements of the most data-intensive organizations with solutions that deliver faster access to data with cost-effective and efficient infrastructure back by deep domain expertise.

Media workflows are demanding—and continuous innovations in cameras, formats, processing, along with the application of AI frameworks, mean they are getting tougher all the time. DDN has created solutions that meet both current and future requirements with simplicity and efficiency. Their media data management solutions speed up content access times, allow for the creation of affordable long-term archives and power your ability to supply high-definition content wherever it is needed.

vCloud Tech is looking forward to an enduring partnership with DDN to serve the storage needs of the most demanding customers. To connect with DDN, they can be reached on Twitter and on LinkedIn at DDN Storage. For more details on their products and solutions visit DDN Website.

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