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vCloud Tech offers products from manufacturers/ publishers under the Immix Technology, Inc. GSA Base Schedule via its California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) contract.

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Manufacturers / Publishers

Beyond Trust, Carbon Black and Gigamon

Term (start and end date)

4-month term, November 16, 2020 to March 02, 2021

CMAS Joins the Cloud-First Era

vCloud Tech Inc. is pleased to partner with California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) to provide to the California Public Sector Software Products, Services, and Solutions via its CMAS contract under the Immix Technology, Inc. GSA Base Schedule. vCloud Tech is guided by a relentless focus on quality service for the California public sector. We will strive and enable our customers public of private sector to innovate and we will deliver a unique experience from our industry-leading partners allowing our customers to scale.

vCloud Tech was born in the era of cloud-first, mobile-first, and software-defined everything. We’ve come together to enable innovation at scale and to build thriving relationships with our many technology partners, public and private sector customers.

California Multiple Award Schedules (CMAS) offers a wide variety of commodity, information technology products, non-IT Services, and services at prices which have been assessed to be fair, reasonable, and competitive. The CMAS program creates a pool of suppliers like vCloud Tech that an agency can solicit offers from.  When utilized correctly, CMAS streamlines the procurement process.  This form of procurement differs from the competitive bid process.

At vCloud Tech, we believe we can fuel innovation and unleash the full potential of state and local government, K-12 education, colleges, universities, healthcare organizations, church/religious institutions, nonprofit corporations, and federal agencies. Our top-notch talent, expertise, and cloud-first approach are committed to our customer’s growth. Our mantra is to go the extra mile for our clients to deliver excellence.


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