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Idera Free SQL Data Profiler

Idera Free SQL Data Profiler ensures data quality to maintain the value of the data. With Idera Free SQL Data Profiler, you can turn raw data into business intelligence, analyze, and summarize data to produce valuable insights into your data patterns.


Idera Free Rapid Database Extractor

Idera Free Rapid Database Extractor lets organizations connect to their Oracle data sources or SQL server from a single UI from where you can register your data sources manually or semi-automatically and login to multiple data sources. Drill down into the data sources with Idera Free Rapid Database Extractor to view your registered databases on each server.


Idera Free SQL Check

Idera Free SQL Check ensures the health, availability, and performance of your organization's SQL Server databases on-prem and in the cloud environment. Monitor the performance of SQL Server with Idera Free SQL Check by with real-time key performance metrics in a single overview UI dashboard.


Idera Free SQL XEvent Profiler

Idera Free SQL XEvent Profiler helps you view your sessions running on servers and the SQL statements. Group, sort, and export events to find what you need with Idera Free SQL XEvent Profiler and share with others from a simple, clean design provides quick start and run in two clicks.


Idera Free SQL Query Store Optimizer

Idera Free SQL Query Store Optimizer analyzes your organization’s SQL statements to determine the most effective approach to produce your requested data. SQL Query Store Optimizer refers to your database schema, query, and your database statistics.


Redgate SQL Search - Free SQL Server Management Studio

Redgate SQL Search lets you find fragments of SQL in views, stored procedures, tables, functions, jobs, and more. Free SQL Server Management Studio lets you quickly navigate to objects wherever they happen to be on your SQL server and lets you search across multiple databases and object types.


Redgate Free SQL Scripts Manager

Redgate Free SQL Scripts Manager offers 28 scripts written by expert SQL Server MVPs, DBAs, and Redgate's SQL developers. Free SQL Scripts Manager streamlines repeated scripting and administration tasks with rapid and easy access to SQL scripts.


Redgate Free DLM Dashboard

Redgate Free DLM Dashboard tracks your organization SQL Server databases and is the first to know about your schema changes. With the Redgate Free DLM Dashboard, get alerts when SQL Server databases drift and view a clear audit history of your database changes.


Sonatype Free Nexus Repository OSS

Sonatype Nexus Repository OSS is the world's only and first universal artifact repository tool that's free to use. Sonatype Nexus Repository OSS lets to manage Bower, Docker, Git LFS, Maven, np, NuGet, PyPI, Ruby Gems, Yum, APT, Conan, R. CPAN, Raw (Universal), p2, Helm, ELPA, Go, and CocoaPods formats.


Sonatype OSS Index - Free Scanning Tool for Developers

Sonatype OSS Index is a free open source scanning tool for developers that help them identify and understand risk, vulnerabilities, and keep their software safe. Sonatype OSS Index and the associated tools Sonatype offers are free to the software development community.


Sonatype Depshield - Free Vulnerability Identifier

Sonatype Depshield is a free vulnerability identifier that automatically identifies vulnerabilities within open source dependencies and GitHub projects. Sonatype Depshield continuously monitors projects and auto-creates issues for your project's security vulnerabilities.


Sonatype Nexus Free Application Vulnerability Scanner

Submit the form to try the Sonatype Nexus Free Application Vulnerability Scanner locally to scan your applications or choose from one of Sonatypes’s sample apps to see its power. Receive a complete and comprehensive view of your app security vulnerabilities with Sonatype Nexus Free Application Vulnerability Scanner.


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