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With the rapid proliferation of dependency on IT and an increased reliance on customer data, it’s more important than ever that organizations have plans in place to safeguard this business-critical information from accidental deletion or data loss. AvePoint’s backup solutions encompass the areas of data protection, data reporting, data backup, and recovery management systems. However, AvePoint Cloud, which collaborates with other data backup systems, powers all of these backup solutions. Furthermore, Reach out to our team of experts to learn about salesforce backup solutions and pertinent data recovery services cost.

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AvePoint Data Recovery

AvePoint’s salesforce backup and restore makes it easy to recover deleted or lost data quickly, minimizing business disruption.

Data Backup Customization

With the addition of “Bring Your Own Encryption Key” and “Bring Your Own Storage” flexible storage options. Data backups can be stored in your desired data center.

Visualize Your Data

AvePoint's salesforce backup and restore solutions are housed in a straightforward dashboard and include integrated usage graphs and audit reports.

AvePoint Saas Solution

AvePoint’s salesforce backup solution is cloud-hosted with zero configuration or installation needs. So, Your data is backed up and secure from the moment you log in.


Solutions that AvePoint offers for Office 365 and other office management tools

Wherever you are on your cloud journey, AvePoint can help. Backup Solution enables you to migrate, manage, and protect your data. Whether you're just beginning to introduce modern applications. Or are already well-established in a world that prioritizes the cloud.


Protection of Data

AvePoint offers worry-free solutions for protecting Office 365 data and other office management tools like SharePoint, ensuring your data is safe from accidental deletion.

Data Management

AvePoint’s data management solutions extend native Microsoft 365 and SharePoint functionality, allowing business users to stay productive while IT controls their data.

Data migration for SharePoint and Office 365

AvePoint’s data migration platform consolidates cloud legacy systems and gets you to the cloud faster, allowing you to focus on the next steps in your digital transformation journey.

Optimization of Microsoft Teams

AvePoint's solutions promote sustainable adoption and optimization of Microsoft Teams.

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