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vCloud Tech is honored to start its partnership with Derdack, an innovation leader in the digitization, automation and mobilization of alert notification and incident response workflows. Their mission is to enable the right people to make smart decisions and effective actions in critical situations – anywhere and anytime.

Derdack’s Enterprise Alert software automates critical system alert and enables a fast, reliable, and effective response to incidents threatening the continuity of services and operations. As they have their alert management system to provide you with a safe and reliable workplace. This is important for 24/7 operated mission-critical systems and IT.

Derdack’s alert management software covers four areas that are essential to the alert management system – automated alert notifications, convenient duty scheduling, ad-hoc collaboration, and anywhere alert IT solutions. Derdack is the ONLY vendor that offers both classic on-premises solutions, as well as a full cloud service.

The utility and essence of the alert management systems crafted by Derdack can be exemplified by its association with Aquafin. Aquafin is a Belgian wastewater treatment company having a pool of almost 1000 employees. Aquafin collects household wastewater from the municipal sewers and transports it to wastewater treatment plants, where it is treated following European and Flemish standards. Before they installed Enterprise Alert, information about failures and alarms was communicated manually from person to person. Aquafin had been working with a manned control room to handle their alert management system.

This system of information circulation was dependent on a heavy workforce and was not cost-efficient. The goal was to switch to a more automated processing, delivery and assignment of alarms while also increasing functionality and control over the processes and incident alert management. Derdack was assigned to work jointly with two local Belgian partners, M2Mcom and Agidens, for installation, SCADA integration, and training.

The enterprise notification system installed and implemented with Enterprise Alert were as follows:

  • Automating alarms and their dispatching from SCADA system (Automation X)
  • Flexibility to differentiate work and after work hours as it is termed to be smart notice.
  • Alert enterprise which has visibility of alert status in a mobile app – see who is handling an issue, who is on-call.
  • Escalations to ensure alarm ownership

These alert IT solutions brought the following benefits for the operation’s prospects of the company.

  • By not having to pay a partner to service every installation every month, Aquafin estimated cost-savings of about 50%
  • Full automation of previously manual processes
  • Transparency and full mobility by using the mobile app and the alert management software.
  • Up-to-date alarm information at any time of the day due to having an efficient alert enterprise.

vCloud Tech is looking forward to having an enduring partnership with Derdack by initiating marketing campaigns for it to bring prospects of profitability and prosperity. Derdack can be reached out at LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Derdack’s blog can be visited on its Official Website.

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